Biography of Bimbim Slank

Ben Setiawan Almachzumi or fondly called Bimbim is the founder of the music group of Indonesia, Slank. Born in Jakarta, December 25, 1966, Bimbim play drum instruments. In the course of his life Bimbim who have had problems with drugs is married to a descendant of Aceh Reny Setiawati. Of marriage both of them have two children.

Biography of Bimbim SlankTogether Boy (guitar), Kiki (guitar), Abi (bass), Uti (vocals) and Well Welly (vocals), Bimbim expressing his love for the works of the Rolling Stones. In December 1983 they founded Cikini Stones Complex (CSC), a musical group comprised of high school kids college Cikini, Jakarta, which was the forerunner Slank.

Along the way, they have the personnel reshuffle until finally formed formations to-14 in 1996, which survived until now. Last formation, starting from seventh album Slank, consisting of Bimbim (drums), Kaka (vocals), Ivanka (bass), Ridho (guitar) and Abdee (guitar).