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Biography of Chester Bennington

Full name: Chester Charles Bennington
Place and date of birth: Phoenix, Arizona, United States, March 20, 1976
Profession: Musician, singer, songwriter, actor
Spouse: Samantha Olit (married 1996; divorced 2005);  Talinda Bentley (married in 2006)
Children: 6 people
Label: Machine Shop Warner Bros.
Active Years: 1992–2017
Biography of Chester Bennington
He was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, March 20, 1976, is the vocalist of the band Linkin Park.  Previously, Chester joined the band "Gray Daze".  Chester had a side project called "Snow White Tan" which Chester later referred to as "Dead By Sunrise".  From childhood Chester was interested in music, and his inspirations were Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots.

His parents divorced in the late 1980s, when Chester was a child.  Finally, Chester tried to get up using cocaine.  Chester finally managed to overcome his sonic addiction.  He worked at the Burger King restaurant before starting a career as a professional musician.
 At first, the Xero band had difficulty finding a new vocalist after the previous vocalist, Mark Wakefield, left the band and became the manager of Taproot.  They heard about Chester, who was from Arizona, United States.  Xero immediately sent a blank cassette and asked Chester to record his voice on the tape.  Chester immediately recorded it and sent it back to Xero.  The band was impressed and recruited Chester into the band.  After this, Chester changed the band name Xero to Hybrid Theory.

In 2004 - 2005, several members of Linkin Park had side projects.  Chester didn't miss it.  He then formed a band called "Snow White Tan".  However, Chester himself changed his name to "Dead By Sunrise".  and he's really COOL at his appearance every Dead By Sunrise concert.

Chester married his first wife, Samantha, on October 31, 1996. They have one child, named Draven Sebastian, born on April 19, 2002. After divorcing Samantha, Chester married Talinda Bentley, a former Playboy magazine model.

Some interesting facts about Chester Bennington

  • Chester is not just a musician, he's also a pretty good actor.  At least he has played in four films, namely Crank, Crank: High Voltage, Saw 3D, and Artifact.
  • Chester committed suicide on the birthday of late Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell, who had died two weeks earlier by hanging himself.  The two of them are known to be close friends.
  • During the making of the Meteora album, Chester was ill.  He even tried desperately to follow the recording session of the album.
  • Before becoming a musician, Chester worked at Burger King.  Early in his tough career, Chester switched bands and felt frustrated.  He was even ready to leave the world of music before he met the vice president of A&R at Zomba Music in Los Angeles who offered him an audition to join a new band, Linkin Park.
  • Chester was a victim of school bullying and was a victim of sexual harassment as a child.

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