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Biography of Maria Selena Nurcahya

Full Name      : Maria Selena Nurcahya
Date of Birth  : September 24, 1990
Place of Birth : Palembang, South Sumatra
Profession      : Student, Model
Height            : 177 cm
Awards          : Miss of Indonesia 2011

Beautiful face and posture make Maria Selena high levels of easily recognizable and crazy by men. However, Maria Selena seems awkward when it bears the name of Miss Indonseia, it looks when he duiminta to be a guest star on the show Bukan Empat Mata Trans7.

Maria Selena see stuttered while answering questions from Tukul, but the actual daily life of Mary selena is the jolly, cheerful and smiling. In addition to beautiful Maria Selena also excel in sports. Yes, Maria Selena is very happy with the basketball world.

Maria Selena Nurcahya
Not just like it, even Maria Selena also playing basketball. This was evidenced by the current Maria Selena incorporated as a basketball player Surabaya daughter Fever. Maria Selena have a favorite club in the world of basketball Indonesia namely Cahaya Lestari Surabaya or better known as the CLS. On one occasion when shuting Sport7 morning even Maria Selena caught was cool to watch a basketball team playing.

Not to identification of whether Maria Selena already has a boyfriend or not, but this time Maria Selena allegedly middle  one basketball player who competed in the IBL. Age of Maria Selena has stepped 22-year high of Maaria Selena dalah 177 cm.

Maria Selena does make basketball as his hobby so deservedly postus of Maria selena very level for the size of Indonesian women. In addition to being Athletes Maria Selena also worked as a model. Maria Selena was born in the city of Palembang and when small settling in West Java. Maria Selena also had to stay in Surabaya before Miss Indonesia beauty pageant audition in Central Java in 2011.

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