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Biography of R.K. Narayan

Full Name        : R.K. Narayan
Place of Birth   : Madras
Date of Birth    : Wednesday, October 10th, 1906
Zodiac             : Balance
Citizen             : India

-Lutheran Mission School
-CRC High School
-University of Mysore

-Sahitya Academy Award, 1958
-Padma Bhushan, 1964

Narayan was born on October 10, 1906 in Madras, India with full name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami. Since childhood Narayan raised by his grandmother and only occasionally meet parents. Narayan spent 8 years of his childhood with the school at the Lutheran Mission School in Madras. Also had to go to school in the CRC High School. His father served as headmaster at Maharaja High School, Narayan began living with his parents and go to school in Mysore Mysore there. precisely Narayan continued his studies at the University of Mysore and graduated to become a scholar.

R.K. Narayan
In 1935 after the period of education, Narayan started showing interest in the world of writing. Along with the publication of his first book entitled Swami and Friends, Narayan started his career in the world. Swami and Friends told me about the city Fiction, Malgudi which is an Indian city. portrait of a novel written by Narayan performed with simple language loaded with humor. That Topic in mostly about human life to survive in the world.

During its history in a career in writing, Narayan has managed to get several prestigious awards in India. Sahitya Academy Award is the first award in 1958. This award was conferred the title of the book Narayan's The Guide. In 1964, Narayan won the award of Padma Bhushan. Not only domestic achievement, expertise Narayan in writing is also recognized by the United States. In 1982, Narayan was recruited to be a member of the Department and the American Academy of Satra. With all the awards in the can, Narayan never cease to shine, he was even appointed as a professor at the University of Delhi, Mysore University and the University of Leeds.

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