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Biography of Sarah Coral Hanson~Young

Full Name       : Sarah Coral Hanson-Young
Place of Birth  : Melbourne
Date of Birth   : Wednesday, December 23, 1981
Zodiac            : Capricorn
Citizen            : Australia

Coral Sarah Hanson Young is a woman born in Melbourne on December 23, 1981. The relatively young age in politics. Sarah used to be called by Hanson Young, she grows near Orbost in East Gippsland. Hanson Young never got the nickname the Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year award for Gippsland in 1999. Educational background Hanson Young is a graduate of the University of Adelaide Social Ilmuu. Hanson Young is full of exemplary student achievement, he became President of the Association of Students of the University of Adelaide in 2002/2003 previously also became the first Environmental Officer in 2001 / 2002. completing his education, Hanson Young had not active and did not continue their education because they have to start his job as a bank teller.

Sarah Coral Hanson~Young
Then Hanson Young continued his graduate education in the field of law in 2006.Hanson Young also served in a parliament, he worked for Amnesty International as the campaign manager for South Australia and the Northern Territory. Hanson Young was elected as a senator in South Australia in the 2007 elections to the federal parliament and also became the youngest senator for the election of members of the senate Australia.Dan is the youngest woman to the federal parliament.

Hanson Young is a Green Party member of the Australian Senate since July 2008. Before turning to politics, Hanson Young worked as a media adviser Mark Parnell in the South Australian election in 2006, he also serves as a campaigner for justice for refugees.

In 2011, Hanson Young that in fact as the Australian Senate should be responsible in the Green Party, which include child care, education, sexuality, human rights, gender identity and status of women and adolescents. Hanson had previously challenged Christine Young Millie in green deputy leadership in October 2010, but did not managed to shift the position of Hanson Young. Currently Hanson Young has been married to former members of the local government council Zone Young and blessed with one child.

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