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Biography of Alexander Nikolaevich Dityatin

  • Full Name: Alexander Nikolaevich Dityatin
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday, August 7th, 1957
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Citizen: Russia
  • Education: Lesgaft Leningrad Institute of Physical Education
Alexander Nikolaevich Dityatin is a Russian gymnast. He was born on 7 August 1957 in Leningrad. Dityatin is the winner of the Olympic championship three times and was awarded a Master of Sport dai USSR. In 1980 he won eight medals in the Summer Olympics "Summer Olympic". He scored a record in a wide variety of single Olympic Games as a medalist at most.

Alexander Nikolaevich Dityatin
Beginning of success by bringing home two silver medals and the team at the 1976 Olympic games in Montreal. In 1980 he returned to follow the Olympics in Moscow to bring home seven medals including two gold in all categories.

In this shining career and became the most successful athlete at the summer Olympics in 1980. He was wounded Severe until in 2008, he became the only athlete who won a medal in every event gymnastics.

After graduating from the Leningrad Institute of Physical Education Lesgaft he was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor (1976), and the Order of Lenin in 1980, because keeping the USSR State Border.

He became coach of Team Sports Leningrad OKPP 1980-1995. After that he worked as Chief Inspector Checkpoint Pulkovo Airport (Pulkovo-2 OKPP). He served as a Lieutenant Kolonen Office of the Russian border and he was named into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2004.

  • Team Sports OKPP Leningrad, 1980-1995
  • Chief Inspector Checkpoint Pulkovo Airport (Pulkovo-2 OKPP)
  • Lieutenant Kolonen Russian Border Service
  • Order of the Badge of Honor, 1976
  • Order of Lenin in 1980
  • International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, 2004

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