Biography of Andhika Pratama

  • Full Name: Andhika Pratama
  • Born: 11 November 1986
  • Place of Birth: Malang, East Java-Indonesia
  • Religion: Islam
  • Status: Married
  • Career: Artist, Presenter
Andhika Pratama (born in Malang, East Java, November 11, 1986; age 25) is an actor and singer Indonesia. Andhika began his career by playing in the soap opera, then began to climb after he played in feature films D'Girlz Begins (2006). His name began skyrocketed when a role in the film The Butterfly. Andhika also sang the soundtrack of the film along with Joey Ayala.

Andhika Pratama
Eldest of three brothers pair Weddy Subagyo and Sherly Hesti Erawati singing career started in high school, after joining as a vocalist in a band that often gig from cafe to cafe. Even after graduating from SMU Negeri 8 Malang, Andhika intend to study at art school. But because her parents forbid, a guy bleed Java, Dutch, and Chinese, eventually studying at STIE Malangkucecwara majored in Economics and Accounting.

When his band was offered a gig in Bali, Andhika instead chose to visit his grandmother in Jakarta. Oma is also a favorite in Jakarta suggest Andhika to submit photos and personal biographical data in a variety of home production and artist management. His acting debut was FTV When Death Met. Andhika get setela five months following the casting. In the FTV, Andhika role as Eagles, Trisakti University student who was shot in May 1998. Some of the other soap operas starring, among others, the god Andhika Asmara Looking for Love, matchmaker, and Beware of Falling in Love.

In 2006, Andhika debuted on the big screens. Andhika play in the film premiere Tengku Firman, D'Girlz Begins. After that came an offer to star in the horror film Midnight Through (2007) with Joanna Alexandra and Catherine Wilson. In the same year, Andhika also starred in Love is Love together Raffi Ahmad, Irwansyah, Acha Septriasa, Henidar Amru, and Tio Pakusadewo.

Name Andhika skyrocketed after being persuaded by Joey Ayala for a duet in the soundtrack of the film The Butterfly well as star in it. Actually this is not the first movie soundtrack Andhika sing, in the film Love is Love, Andhika also urun its soundtrack singing voice. In 2008, Andhika playing again in a movie genre romantic drama. In the movie There's You, I Am Who starred with Bunga Citra Lestari, Andhika also play as a musician.

  • D'Girlz Begins (2006)
  • Lewat Tengah Malam (2007)
  • Love is Cinta (2007)
  • The Butterfly (2007)
  • Claudia/Jasmine (2008)
  • Ada Kamu, Aku Ada (2008)
  • Kesurupan (2008)
  • Glitch (2009)
  • Punk In Love (2009)
  • Satu Jam Saja (2010)
  • Kejarlah Jodoh Kau Kutangkap (2011)
  • Kehormatan di Balik Kerudung (2011)
  • Dewa Asmara Mencari Cinta
  • Mak Comblang
  • Hati-Hati Jatuh Cinta
  • Mendadak Kawin