Biography of Djoko Suyanto

  • Full Name: Djoko Suyanto
  • Profession: TNI Commander
  • Religion: Islam
  • Place Of Birth: Madiun
  • Born: Saturday, December 2, 1950
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: Indonesia
Born in Madiun, 2 December 1950, TNI Commander Djoko Suyanto was first derived from the unity of the air force throughout the history of Indonesia. Active in politics before, Djoko was active in the military world until his career was at the apex of military service, he was appointed as coordinating Minister for Political, law and Security of the Republic of Indonesia since the year 2009.

Djoko Suyanto
Served as Coordinating Polhukam, Djoko would actively monitor the development of security in Indonesia. As riots and the mystery of the mysterious shooting of the latter often occurs in the territory of Indonesia, especially to the East. As the end of May and then preached about the mystery of shooting two foreigners on Tourist Cottages, beachfront Base Numbery Port G, Jayapura, Papua which has now found the culprit with the identification of vehicles that have been unknown.

Although he professes to have no interest in politics, however, the two major parties supported the democratic and MCC even had time to glance at Djoko as capres which will be carried by 2014. It related the opinions of Vice Chairman of the MCC, Zulkiefliansyah, stating that Djoko ahlii in the areas of politics and security. Although he began to recognize, however, that time when confirmed, Djoko even obstinately stated that he was not interested in politics.

Not just the MCC, Djoko also touted the possibility of strong will was nominated by Democrat considering the performance during this great valued Djoko. Moreover, Djoko also known close to the family because he is ALSO a successful presidential election while YUDHOYONO'S team in 2009. However, again as is confirmed, it is ALSO GENERALLY choose graduates did not comment.

In the world of the military, the name Djoko much counts. His career was a quick nosedive after that graduated from ALSO in 1973. ALSO, of course the Djoko USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor School at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada. Since that is the title which he successively served as Commander of the 14th Air Skadron, Commander of Lanud Iswahyudi, Commander of National Air Defense Sector Command, Commander of the air force Education Command, Assistant Chief of staff for Operations of the air force, and later the Chief of staff of the air force before eventually became Commander of the TNI appointed President on February 13, 2006 after a fit test in the House proper &.

  • USAF Fighter eapon Instructor School
  • ALSO, 1973
  • Coordinating Minister for Political, law and security of Indonesia, 2009-present
  • Indonesia National Army Commander, 2006-2007
  • The Chief of staff of the INDONESIAN air force (TNI-AU), 2005-2006
  • Commander of the 14th Air Skadron
  • Commander Of Lanud Iswahyudi
  • Commander Of National Air Defense Sector Command
  • The Commander Of The ARMY's Education Command-AUc
  • Assistant Chief Of Staff Of The Air Force Operations