Biography of Ichiro Suzuki

  • Full Name: Ichiro Suzuki
  • Profession: Athletes
  • Place of Birth: Kasugai, Japan
  • Date of Birth: Monday, October 22 1973
  • Zodiac: Balance
  • Nationality: Japan
In the world of baseball, Ichiro Suzuki's name may be equivalent to the level of the artist's prestige in the international entertainment world. Players Major League Baseball (MLB) has become the first athlete to enter the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. Suzuki also menjaadi professional sportsman to win the award ten times All-Star and All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2007. And in 1973 kelahiraan athlete's name is also recorded the Gold Glove Award winning awards in each year in the first decade of play in the Premiership.

Ichiro Suzuki
Talent and interest in playing baseball indeed been shown Suzuki since attending high school. As a new student at Nagoya Electric High School, he was responsible for washing uniforms senior. To ensure that he could leave time to practice baseball, Suzuki willing to get up at 3am to wash clothes. Remarkably, however high the love athletes born in Kasugai, Japan is to baseball, he did not neglect its core responsibilities as a student; Perfect time management and perseverance and hard work made this athlete was able to excel in the academic field.

Entering his senior year at the university, the name Ichiro Suzuki has soared as a featured performer at Koshien Tournament, mat Baseball High School Inter-Japanese se. Graduated from high school in 1991, he was immediately recruited to play in the Japanese professional baseball club, the Blue Wave, owned leasing company Orix and play for the Pacific League. Playing for 7 full seasons with the team, this left-handed hitter reap many amazing accomplishments include three-time MVP and become a decisive player when his team successfully led the Pacific League for the first time in 1998.

Suzuki increasingly uphill popularity when his father berinisitif set up a museum dedicated to the son of pride in Nagoya, Japan. And in November 2000, the name Ichiro Suzuki again made history when it signed a 3 year contract with the Seattle Mariners, also became the first Japanese player who played professionally for the US baseball team. Survive until 2012, Suzuki decided to move out and join one of the super-giant baseball club, the New York Yankees.

  • Nagoya Electric High School
  • Aikoudai Meiden in Nagoya
  • Orix BlueWave (1992-2000)
  • Seattle Mariners (2001-2012)
  • New York Yankees (2012-present)
  • 7 Best Nine Award, Japan (1994-2000)
  • 7 Gold Glove Award (1994-2000)
  • 2 Matsutaro Shoriki Award, Japan (1994-1995)
  • AL (American League) Rookie of the Year Award (2001)
  • Tops All-Star Rookie Team (2001)
  • 8 AL All-Star (2001-2008)