Biography Dr. Lo Siaw Ging

Dr. Lo Siaw Ging Born in Magelang, August 16, 1934, Lo grew up in a family of Chinese descent who is a moderate tobacco businessman. His father and mother Lo Ban Tjiang named Liem Hwat Nio, both give freedom to their children to choose what is cool. One is when Lo wants to continue high school to Semarang, because he considers nothing good quality high school in Magelang when it.

After graduating high school, Lo Siaw Ging expressed his desire to medical school. At that time, his father only told if they want to become doctors do not trade. Conversely if you want to trade, do not be a doctor. Apparently, the advice it really made an impression in the hearts of Lo. You mean that advice, according to Lo Siaw Ging, a doctor should not be pursuing material alone because doctors task is to help people who need help. If you only want to pursue profit, it's better to be a trader, which means "If the rich do not want to be a doctor but try to be a trader."
"So whoever of patients who come here, poor or rich, I have to serve well. Help help that person should not discriminate. Everything must be done with sincerity. The medical profession help sick people, not sell drugs, "
Lo Siaw Ging already become a doctor since 1963, Lo Siaw Ging began his career in the clinic doctor Tsi Sheng Yuan courtesy of Dr. Oen Boen Ing (1903-1982), a legendary doctor in Solo. In the new order, the clinic has grown into Panti Kosala, and now renamed the Hospital Dr. Oen. Aside from his father, Lo Siaw Ging claimed a lot to learn from Dr. Oen.
Lo Siaw Ging
Over 15 years working on her senior, Lo Siaw Ging understand completely how it should be a doctor. "He's not just smart treat, but also simple and extraordinary social life," said the former Director Kasih Ibu Hospital, Solo.

Doctor Lo Siaw Ging be special because it was never put up rates. He also never distinguish rich and poor patients. He actually get upset if there is a patient who asks fare check and he had no money. In fact, in addition to waive the check, not infrequently Lo also help patients who can not afford prescription. He will write a prescription and asked patients taking drugs to the pharmacy without having to pay. At the end of each month, the pharmacy will charge the price of the drug to the doctor.
"I know which patients are unable to pay and do not. For what they pay doctors and medicine that after it could not buy rice? Pity that their children can not eat"
This treatment not only for patients who check in the practice, but also for patients hospitalized in the hospital where bekerka, Kasih Ibu Hospital. As a result, Lo have to pay prescription charges between Rp 8 million to $ 10 million per month. If a large enough patient care costs, for example, had to undergo surgery, Lo did not give up. He will go down alone to find donors. Not just any donor, because only donors who are willing not to be named which will be visited Lo.

What is said Lo Siaw Ging about helping anyone who needs it is not nonsense. When riots broke out in May 1998 and then for example, Lo remain open practice. Though the neighbors asked him to close due to a dangerous situation, especially for the citizens of Chinese descent. However, Lo still receiving patients coming. The neighbors are concerned ultimately rollicking keep house Lo.

"Many are in need of help, including victims of violence, cook I refused. If all doctors cap who will help them? "Said Lo who is also a graduate of Hospital Administration Management (MARS) from the University of Indonesia.

Until the violence ended and the situation safe, home Lo was never touched by the rioters. Though the houses in the surrounding many looted and burned. Now, even though he was already nearly 80 years, Dr. Lo Siaw Ging not reduce the time to continue to serve patients. Every day, Dr. Lo House in Jalan Yap Tjwan Bing No. 27, Jagalan, Jebres, Solo, Central Java, was always packed with people lining up for treatment to the dr. Lo Siaw Ging. Every day, Dr. Lo began to open practice at 06.00 and 16.00. By afternoon, he serves patients in Kasih Ibu Hospital at Jalan Slamet Riyadi. After a two-hour break, he is back open practice at home until 20:00.

"As long as I was strong, I am not going to retire. Being newly retired doctor when it is not able to do anything. Satisfaction for me to help others, and it can not be paid with money, ".
According to Lo Siaw Ging, his wife has a big role to what he did. Without her, Lo said, he will not be able to do everything. "He's an incredible woman. I was lucky to be her husband, "Lo said about women, whom he married in 1968's.

Decades of becoming a doctor, and even became the director of a large hospital, life Lo keep it simple. Together with his wife, he lived in an old house that is relatively unchanged since the beginning of construction, but just updated the paint. Not a magnificent house and terraced houses as general physicians.
"The house is big enough for both of us. If there is more income, let it be for those in need. Our needs just ate. Can be healthy until age as now, I have been very grateful. The longer the age, the more chance of us to help others. "
Alumni of the University Press in 1962 that had tasted education in Hospital Administration Management at the University of Indonesia has served as Managing Director Kasih Ibu Hospital, Solo, the period of 1981-2004. After retiring from the director's chair, the husband of Mary Gan May Kwee is still serving patients in the same hospital and at home at the same practice in Jagalan, Jebres, Solo, until now. Each end of the month, pharmacy doctor Lo Siaw Ging subscription will give drug bill amount varies among the hundreds of thousands to ten million per month. For terminally ill patients, doctors Lo also provide private funding for patient care purposes in Kasih Ibu Hospital. In the midst of the cost of expensive medicines, hospital services are often annoying, and the doctor more often prioritize the material, where Lo Siaw Ging is such a cool dew. It was, now is not more doctors like Dr. Lo.