Biography Joseph Pulitzer~Pioneer Journalism Award Pulitzer

Those who work in the field of journalism, must know or have heard about the Pulitzer Prize, the Pulitzer Prize is an appreciation or the highest award in the world of journalism in the world. This award is given for outstanding achievement in the field of literature and musical composition. The first Pulitzer Prize awarded on June 4, 1917, and since some time ago, began to be announced annually in April.

This award is a pioneer Joseph Pulitzer. He is a journalist and newspaper publisher Hungarian-Americans in the late 19th century. This article will discuss about the biography of Joseph Pulitzer which is pioneering Pulitzer award. Joseph Pulitzer was born on 10 April 1847 in Makó, Hungary. Originally Pulitzer career as a soldier in the Austrian Empire. But soon after he was dismissed because of health problems. Pulitzer then emigrated to the US in 1884 and became a member of the Army who served in the American Civil War (1861-1865).

After the war he settled in St. Louis, Missouri and worked as a journalist in a German-language daily newspaper, Westliche Post. After that he joined the Republican Party and successfully elected as a board member in the state of Missouri in 1869. However, after failing to carry Horace Greeley as president in elections that time, the Republicans suffered a setback.
Joseph Pulitzer
Pulitzer also jump to the Democratic Party. In 1872, Pulitzer buy newspapers Post for $ 3,000 and a year later he sold the newspaper to the price doubled. In 1879, he bought a newspaper St. And St. Louis Dispatch Combined Louis Post which later became one with the name St. Louis Post-Dispatch that later changed its name again to the newspaper St. Louis alone. At this time, the Pulitzer great success and managed to accumulate wealth.

In 1882, Pulitzer acquired the New York World. After its management, the newspaper that originally had a deficit of USD 40,000 changed completely to reap a profit of USD 346,000 in a year. This can happen because the Pulitzer break-out direction of the newspaper reports.

In 1892, Joseph Pulitzer offers a sum of USD 2 million to Columbia University, USA to establish the first school journalists. Initially, the offer was rejected by the university because it considers the Pulitzer may have specific motives. However, after a change of leadership of the university, then offer it began to be considered. However, the establishment of a new school of journalism is actually realized in 1912 after the Pulitzer died. However, at the moment waiting for the certainty of the establishment of schools of journalism at Columbia University, the Pulitzer has managed to establish a similar school at the University of Missouri. Joseph Pulitzer died in 1911 on a yacht resting at anchor in Charleston, South Carolina. He was then buried in the Bronx, New York.

Name Pulitzer later immortalized as a name that is considered the highest award in the field of journalism in the world is the Pulitzer Prize. Awards were given in categories related to journalism, the arts and letters. Only published reports and photographs of the work of the newspaper or the daily news organization based in the United States are eligible for the award of journalism.