Biography of Ahmad Al Ghazali

Of the names of the Sufis who admires, Ahmad Dhani gave names of the three sons of his marriage with Maia Estianty. Ahmad Al-Ghazali is one of them. He was born in Jakarta on 1 September 1997.

The man who was familiarly called Al's has two sisters, El Jalaluddin Rumi and Ahmad Abdul Qadir Jilani. Al and her sisters are under the care of Ahmad Dhani both parents after divorce it.

Good at playing music, playing football gape, handsome and popular, are things that are inherent in Al. The eldest child even driving his own car at the age of 15 years.
Ahmad Al Ghazali
Born in a family of musicians who of course loves music, Al is very lucky. Since childhood he had been introduced to the music, and became his passion until now. Together with two of his brothers, he joined the Lucky Laki.

Al started his career with Lucky Laki in 2009. The family band is under the care of Ahmad Dhani. Initially, the band consisted of only three people, but then grew two more.

At the beginning, Al together Lucky Laki successful rise through the song Superman. In this song, the video clip childhood background made of Al, El and Dul with his father. The single was there in their first album, NEW BEGINNING 09.

In the event Indonesian Idol 2012, Lucky Laki surprisingly perform the song made famous by Led Zeppelin, Black Dog. In the same year, they released the single I Love Together People I Love the shortened to ASBOYS.

  • 2012: I Love Together People I Love