Biography of AKB48~Idol Group from Japan

December 2005, the famous Japanese producer Yasushi Akimoto formed an idol group called AKB48 . The concept that they are idols that could present you encounter every day, because the exclusive AKB48 AKB48 performed at Theater in Akihabara almost every day.

This group is very large popularity in Japan, where the last ten AKB48 singles topped the Oricon Chart. Besides the song Beginner and Heavy Rotation consecutive ranked first and second in the list of best-selling singles in Japan in 2010. AKB48 singles and albums were until now has sold more than 10 million copies.

In addition, AKB48 is the record holder of the Guinness World Record as the world's biggest pop group. Until May 2011, the idol group has 18 members in the team A, 18 members in the team K and 18 members in the team B. In addition, they have 23 members as trainees so that in total the group has 61 members.
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In addition, a similar concept AKB48 also formed by Yasushi Akimoto. Call it SKE48 based in theater in Sakae, Nagoya. Meanwhile SDN48, NMB48, and JKT48 is a sister group of AKB48 and based abroad.

Until now AKB48 has also appeared in various prestigious events such as the 62th Kouhaku uta Gassen 2011, and has its own TV program AKBINGO!, Weekly AKB, Naruhodo Highschool and various other programs.

Single Indie
  • Sakura no Hanabiratachi
  • Skirt, Hirari
  • Team A 1st Stage - Party ga Hajimaru yo (07/03/2007)
  • Team A 2nd Stage - Aitakatta (03/07/2007)
  • Team A 3rd Stage - Dareka no Tame ni (07/03/2007)
  • Team K 1st Stage - Party ga Hajimaru yo (07/03/2007)
  • Team K 2nd Stage - Seishun Girls (07/03/2007)
  • Team K 3rd Stage - Nonai Paradise (03/07/2007)
  • Set List ~ Greatest Songs 2006-2007 ~ (07/03/2007)
  • Team A 5th Stage - Ren'ai Kinshi Jōrei (11.08.2008 Supersedes)
  • Team K 5th Stage - Saka Agari (11.08.2008 Supersedes)
  • Team B 4th Stage - Idol no Yoake (11.08.2008 Supersedes)
  • Kamikyokutachi (07.04..2010)
  • Team K 6th Stage - Reset (08/07/2010)
  • Team B 5th Stage - Theater no Megami (08/07/2010)
  • Team A 6th Stage - Mokugekisha (18/09/2010)
  • Koko ni Ita Koto (08.06.2011)