Biography of Bunga Citra Lestari

Bunga Citra Lestari is name. People often call the BCL. This soap opera singer and actress born in Jakarta on March 22, 1983 of the pair Muchlis Rush and Emmy Sharif. After elementary school, Unge, as he was familiarly called, spent the SMP in Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

Actress whose name has also been referred to as the 'source' divorce Ariel was finally a serious relationship with Ashraf Sinclair , a Malaysian actor who is also the son of a billionaire. Seriousness it seems, after receiving a visit Ashraf and families who come to Jakarta. Even infotainment called the visit as a 'cover' for Unge.

Application is finally real fruit and even into the most luxurious wedding in 2008. Right on Saturday (08.11.08) Flowers groom Ashraf Sinclair. The nation's two different celebrities married in Al Bina, Senayan, South Jakarta dowry pair of 1.5 carat diamond earrings. The wedding reception was held on Sunday (09.11.08) at the Golden Ballroom of Hotel Sultan, Jakarta to Padang custom carrying and wearing flowers Suntiang, Minang crown.
Bunga Citra Lestari
The wedding reception was also held in Malaysia for two days. By using a private jet gift from father Ashraf, Flowers and Ashraf went to Malaysia on Wednesday (12.11.08). The first day of the reception theme of the UK, according to custom state Ashraf father who came from England and was held on Friday (11.14.08) at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Subang. The second reception was held specifically for the immediate family, on Saturday (15.11.08) at the Golf Club of Petaling Jaya. Ashraf family will wear Malay traditional dress. This wedding was broadcast by TV3 in three episodes. One episode (WHI program) will deliver direct dialogue with Flowers and Ashraf Sinclair.

When pregnancy Flowers tread 8 months in September 2010 gave him the inspiration to capture this beautiful moment. Flowers decided to take pictures with the sexy pose showing belly. Even this is often the sharing of photos via Twitter. Flowers himself admits that his goal is to make photos private collection in memory of the moment of the first pregnancy. It will also continue to manufacture her baby documentation later.

Happiness finally come in pair Ashraf Sinclair - Justin Bieber (BCL). On September 22, 2010 About 14:00 pm BCL has given birth to a baby boy named Noah Sinclair, a Caesarean, in Hospital UB South Jakarta.

First Love Songs (Sunny) which is a movie soundtrack FIRST LOVE Justin Bieber made ​​a name increasingly popular. Dewiq creation of this song makes dreams come true interest of becoming a singer. Especially after his first solo album sold 75 thousand copies in just two weeks. For interest, not an easy thing dreams as a singer and actors. Flowers have to sacrifice a lot of things to work on his solo album, including congregate with family.

Unge expressed its seriousness as a singer, and rejected the assumption of moral hazard, considering itself better known as the teen sitcom actress than a singer. Call it some role in the soap opera SENANDUNG puberty, SO OF friend Amendment, ABG, HEART GUARD, makes a girl who likes to wear a tank top and hipster pants is more known to the public. Unge seriousness as a singer also admirable, the article to hone his vocal, a girl who at the time was still listed as a student majoring in Management decided Trisakti vocal training with Elfa Secioria before entering the studio, and made ​​a really mature vocal.

Chubby cheeks owner who started his career as an advertising model, is also popular with appearances with Ari Lasso passing hit me and Whistles in the album The Best Of. Together with her ​​husband, Ashraf, Flower first film debut in the title of the movie, BEAN SAUCE. In the romantic comedy released January 7, 2009, Flowers also lined up to sing its soundtrack.

Coinciding with the celebration of Kartini Day, April 21, 2009, interest received an award as one of the 100 Women Indonesia Terinspiratif. Flowers not only famous name in Indonesia, but also to Malaysia. This is evidenced by the inclusion of interest on the event name Anugerah Planet Muzik 2009.

Busy with activities in singing not mean Unge forget his acting career. In early October 2009, Unge back busy with filming. He returned to the small screen by starring in soap operas stripping, BAYU LOVE LUNA. At the end of January 2010, Flowers took a step forward to her singing career. He is a duet with the singer from the Philippines, Christian Bautista, through the song Be Careful With My Heart.

After the vacuum in the music world for some moment because there are still busy with families and children, September 2011 Unge resurfaced through a single face is Remind Me. In making a video clip of the song, performed Unge remain as before. Being a mother does not mean changing the zoom.

Album Studio
  • 2006 First Love
  • 2008 About You
Song Studio
  • 2005 When You Go 
  • 2006 First Love (Sunny)
  • 2006 I Do not Want Your Own
  • 2007 Dissenters
  • 2007 Why Should Happen
  • 2007 I And Yourself (feat. Ari Lasso)
  • 2008 About You
  • 2008 Disappointed
  • 2009 Ever Young
  • 2009 Just For You
  • FIRST LOVE (2006) 
  • KANGEN (2007) 
  • THERE YOU, I AM (2008) 
  • BEAN SAUCE (2008)
Soap opera
  • ABG 
  • SENANDUNG puberty 
  • If LOVE mengoda 
  • Pond's 
  • Tora Bika Full Cream Milk 
  • Honda Genuine Parts 
  • Olay Facial Foam 
  • Real Good 
  • Toyota Avanza 
  • Daihatsu Gran Max
  • SCTV Music Awards 2006: Singer Solo Album Ngetop 
  • Editor's Choice Award 2007: The Sensational Artist 
  • AMI Awards 2008: Nominated for Best Female Pop Solo Artist (I Do not Want Your Own) 
  • AMI Awards 2008: Best Collaboration Production Work (duet with Ari Lasso) 
  • AMI Awards 2009: Nominated for Best Female Pop Solo Artist (About You) 
  • Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) 2009: Best Female Artist 
  • Panasonic Awards 2010: Favorite Actress Nominee 
  • AMI Awards 2010: Nominated for Best Female Pop Solo Artist (Because i love You)