Biography of Christian Stewart

The girl's full name is Christian Jaymes Stewart was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on April 9, 1990. Although still relatively young, the actress already has a lot of experience in the matter of acting. No less than seventeen films already noted his name as one of the characters.

Artistic talent within Christianity is flowing quite strong. His father was a theater stage manager and producer who worked on the Fox television while his mother was a script writer from Australia.

At the age of eight years, a hidden talent scout saw Christian when he appeared on a Christmas play at school. Christian's first role was in the film The Thirteenth YEAR Disney Channel TV production, although in the film did not get a dialog Christian at all.
Christian Stewart
Christian name began to be media spotlight when she was cast as Jodie Foster's daughter in the film PANIC ROOM. Success is then brought Christianity to further roles in the film COLD CREEK MANOR, CATCH THAT KID, Zathura and TWILIGHT.

July 2012 Kristen Stewart was rumored affair with Rupert Sanders, director in his latest film, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.

Although initially denied, but Stewart finally admitted and apologized for the affair. This affair also makes the end of the love relationship between Stewart with Robert Pattinson, lover who also co-star in the movie Twilight.