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Biography of Cut Meyriska

Profile Cut Meyriska
  • Full Name: Cut Queen Meyriska 
  • Call Name: Chika
  • Place/Date Bird: Medan, May 26, 1993 
  • Height : 170 cm
  • Weight : 42 kg
  • Religion : Islam
  • Name of brother : Cut Zulia Aprianti
  • Band Favorites : D'masiv
  • Favorite TV : SCTV
  • Favorite Movies : Harry Potter
  • Favorite Books : Harry Potter and comics 
  • Facebook Account: Cut Meyriska and Cut Meyriska 
  • Twitter Account :cutmeyriska And @Beauty_Bee25 
  • Motto: Try and pray
Cut Meyriska (born in Medan, May 26 1993; age 21) is an actress Indonesia. he was known as a role in the soap opera Beverly cocoon , and in soap operas Arti Sahabat as Vita. Before diving in both the soap opera role, he was instrumental in the patron Saints , Love Maia , Granddaughter Daughter , and love interest .
Cut Meyriska
Cut Queen Meyriska or more commonly known as Cut Meyriska including new artist is pretty shining. Beginning his career began in 2011 and his name became widely known Indonesian society since playing in one of SCTV soap opera entitled "cocoon".

Television movie
  • 2009 : My boyfriend Many Rules
  • 2010 : My love public transportation Kejedot
  • 2010 : My boyfriend Superstar
Soap opera
  • Cocoon (Beverly)
  • Arti Sahabat (as Vitha)
  • Holy (as Nadia)
  • Love Maia (as Luna)
  • Grandchildren Daughter (as Dina)
  • Love Interest (as Arini)
  • Silkworm Pupa (as Diana)
  • God (as Riska)
  • The gift (as Riska)
  • I'll meet you at the Sunday market (as Gia)
  • Magic (as image)
  • Blessing (as Widya)
  • Kick From the sky the Series

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