Biography of Elvira Devinamira

The lovely lady who has a degree Worldwide queen's real name is Elvira Devinamira Wirayanti, born in Surabaya, June 28, 1993. The winner of the crown in the event the election of Miss Indonesia 2014 is the second representative of the Miss Indonesia East Java, after Princess Raemawastri, who won the crown in 2007.Currently Elvira is still listed as a student in the Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga, Surabaya.

Before becoming a Puteri Indonesia 2014, Elvira has attended the event the election of Miss Indonesia East Java in 2013 and managed to become champion and won the title as the favorite daughter via SMS poll. In 2014 Elvira dream finally come true, he managed to become the winner of Miss Indonesia 2014 and participated in the Miss Universe 2015 as the representative of Indonesia.
Elvira Devinamira
On January 29, 2014, Elvira Devinamira has been crowned Miss Indonesia 2014, in an election event Puteri Indonesia is held every year. This beautiful princess replace Whulandary Herman, Miss Indonesia 2013.

After he won the event, Miss Indonesia,Elvira has much work to be done as a Miss Indonesia for one year, one of which became the representative MIss Universe 2015 will be held in Doral, Florida, USA, in January 2015. Prior to becoming a Princess of Indonesia, the girl who has long hair it is a mannequin.

Although still fairly young age, Elvira has been able to pocket some proud achievement. Some of his achievements was a runner-up 3 in Yamaha Concert and runner-up 3 in EF Charity Program.

Then a delegate in student exchange to Seoul, South Korea in 2011.In 2012 Elvira back into the Indonesian delegation at the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference in Boston, USA. Elvira also became a runner-up 1 and as a candidate in elections to Cak Ning Surabaya in 2012.

  • Runner-up 3 Yamaha Concert
  • runnersup 3 EF Charity Student Exchange Program
  • delegation to Seoul (2011) 
  • The Indonesian delegation at the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference in Boston (2012) 
  • runners
  • up 1 Cak Ning Surabaya (2012)
  • Favorite Candidate Cak Ning Surabaya (2012) 
  • favorite daughter in Puteri Indonesia 2013 (2013) 
  • Miss Indonesia in Puteri Indonesia 2014 (2014)