Biography of Fitri Tropica

His real name Fitri Rakhmawati, but he is better known name Fitri Tropica. This is because of Eid, which acts as De Rahma in NEW PRIME TIME show that aired on Trans TV.

As De Rahma, actress born in Bandung, September 26, 1987 should portray characters that lebay. Since then, the style is characteristic lebay Fitr on stage.

From small, Mubarak was already hooked chat, even to the point that when the school teacher wrote on his report card, 'Reduce chat'.

Therefore, he began a career as a radio announcer in Bandung, and managed to be crowned as the Most Female Announcer Ardan FM in 2007.
Fitri Tropica
Than-burble burble on the radio and explore the world of acting, Mubarak began to explore the world of television presenter. Still with style lebay, Fitri selling hosted. As MISSING LYRIC, talkative and NARSIS.TV. Soap opera he originated, namely EXTRAVAGANZA ABG, ABG SKETCH.

In the midst of his work as an actress and presenter, but still dinomorsatukan educational affairs. The proof, Padjadjaran University student GPA Communications Department is including stand, which is 3.5 and he is currently working on the current thesis. About the love affairs Fitrop had a relationship with Riza Shahab, though ultimately not continue anymore.

Being a model in the video clip Vidi Aldiano the song Fake status, brings blessing. For the first time Fitrop, nicknames Fitr, took home the 'Best Model Clip-on' in MTV Indonesia Awards School of Music which took place on November 25, 2009.