Biography of Hanung Bramantyo

Setiawan Hanung Bramantyo born in Yogyakarta, October 1, 1975, was known as a young director with a number of outstanding works. In his personal life, marriage Hanung with Yanesthi Hardini was at stake. Hanung divorce process that has been blessed with one child took place in South Jakarta Religious Court.

In early February 2009, short film director JK, has officially become a widower. After officially became a widower, father of Barmastya Bhumi reportedly had a special relationship with the artist Zaskia Adya Mecca.

Although often deny this relationship, but on Monday (14/9) night, held at Masjid Taqwa, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Hanung steady Zaskia married. With dowry in cash Rp80.897.000, director GET MARRIED 2 officially became husband Zaskia.
Hanung Bramantyo
In early 2010, Hanung reported inspected by South Kalimantan Police. The director is alleged to have received over 1.4 billion related to the filming of Beautiful Names. Unfortunately, this money was allegedly as a result of crime. Reportedly this case also dragged the name of the singer Opick. Hanung itself feels he is just a victim.

In the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) in 2005, was selected as the best director Hanung through his film, BROWNIES for image Cup - a movie. He also nominated as best director for the film off the story, through Sayekti AND HANAFI, but he was defeated by the director Guntur Soehardjanto.

Films directed by Hanung of them, RED LANTERN (2006), JOMBLO (2006), Sayekti AND HANAFI (TV) (2005), NOTE THE END OF SCHOOL (2005), BROWNIES (2004), WHEN ... (2003), glasses clinked (2001) and MASK LOVER (2000). In addition to directing the film also TINGKLING GLASS, who then won the Third Place Bronze 11th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) Category TV program in Egypt.

Hanung spectacular work is shown through the film PASSAGES OF LOVE (2008), a religious film adaptation of the successful novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy with the same title. In the film, a widower with a child, invites Fedi Nuril, Rianti Cartwright, Carissa Putri, Zaskia A Mecca, and Miss Indonesia 2002, Melanie daughter who also starred in a successful playing in Malaysia and Singapore.

Success of this film, also followed with chart success OST PASSAGES LOVE (2008) that contains 12 songs performed Rossa, Purple, and Sherina.

Hanung himself had studied at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia Islam but not completed. Next move studied film at the Film Faculty of the Department of Film and Television Institute of the Arts. While awaiting trial, Hanung again proved its action as a talented young director. Together Servia he wants to repeat the success of previous Woman with a Turban through the film adaptation of the novel by Abidah Al Khalieqy.

In 2011, his film,? a controversy in the country. Several parties have strongly criticized this movie is not running. After briefly appeared on the big screen, the movie? could be shown in one of the private television station, SCTV. However, because they contain about apostasy, the film failed aired after the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) visited the office of SCTV

As a director:
  • * MASK LOVER (2000)
  • * Glasses clinked (2001)
  • * WHEN ... (2003) - (SHORT FILM)
  • * BROWNIES (2004)
  • * NOTE AT END OF SCHOOL (2005)
  • * Sayekti AND HANAFI (TV) (2005)
  • * JOMBLO (2006)
  • * RED LANTERN (2006)
  • * You're the only (2007)
  • * The Legend of Sundel Bolong (2007)
  • * GET MARRIED (2007)
  • * VERSES OF LOVE (2008)
  • * Woman with a Turban (2009)
  • * JK (2009) - (SHORT FILM)
  • * GET MARRIED 2 (2009)
  • * REDEEM DREAM (2010)
  • * THE LIGHTENING (2010)
  • * KICK FROM THE SKY (2011)
As a player
  • * JOMBLO (2006) - as chef
  • * RED LANTERN (2006) - as Alumni Council 65
  • * GET MARRIED 2 (2009) - as pemarkir car
  • * GET MARRIED 3 (2011) - as the blind