Biography of Hengky Kurniawan

Hengky Kurniawan Chova born in Blitar, East Java, on October 21, 1982 is known as a movie star and a patron of Indonesia.

Action in the world entertain decorated with a variety of news about the proximity to some beautiful artist who was once a partner. Call it Justin Bieber who had a relationship with him and ask for dropping out of jealousy.

Massayu Anastasia is a name that makes BCL jealous. Acting kiss Massayu and Heng in the movie Kiss Gue that triggered the collapse of Heng relationship with BCL, and finally Heng relationships with Massayu.

News about relationships Massayu which did not last long Heng was immediately drowned. Heng then turned to Kiki Amalia.
Hengky Kurniawan
Their relationship is often the subject of media coverage because of a quarrel they are exposed and the issue of the existence of a third person, Marthasya. Hengky relationship Kiki ended. But apparently it did not end the feud both. The end of March 2008, Heng and Kiki back hostile regarding electricity bill.

All Heng love adventure was finally ended after she married Christy Jusung on October 10, 2008 in Princess Mermaids Cottage, Ancol. From this marriage, they were blessed with a son who was named Star Pratt, on February 13, 2009.

Early in his career starting from scratch. Heng went to Jakarta and career passing leader Artist Management services Benny Example Example.

Heng has starred in several soap operas, including, RAINBOW in your eyes, STARS OF HEAVEN, SENANDUNG puberty, teenagers, HEAD OF FAMILY, DOIKU famous, GIFT-MU, pace, LOVE ME, LOVE GIRL TALK and BIAR. In addition, he also has starred in a movie, Kiss Gue.

Heng also has starred in the film adaptation of the novel by Mary Ardelia, ME AND MY SHOES HIGH HEELS HIGH HEELS or VERSUS ME!. In the film she plays the character of Arnold, who became seizure of the girl. In merebutkan Arnold, the girls wearing high heels as taste Arnod who love feminine girl.

Latter feature films he starred in was the Creed LOVE. After that, Heng more appearances in television soap operas and movies.

  • Kiss Gue (2004)
  • ME VS HIGH HEELS (2005)
  • Shahada LOVE (2008)
Soap opera
  • AMANDA (soap opera) (2008)
  • Monalisa (soap opera) (2009)
  • STRANDED (2010)
  • Superboy (2010)
  • Just for Laughs: Gags INDONESIA (2011)