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Biography of Iko Uwais

His real name Uwais Qorny. He was born in Jakarta on February 12, 1983. Iko Uwais known as an actor, choreographer movies, and athletes Pencak Silat. He grew up in a family environment Betawi descent, and learn the art of Pencak Silat martial, since the age of 10 years at the school Silat uncle, Three Chain.

In 2003, Iko managed ranks third in Jakarta Provincial Silat Tournament title. And then in 2005, he became champion in the National Silat Championship title, as the best fighter in the category of demonstration.

Not only Pencak Silat, he is also talented in the sport of football. Iko was a midfielder in the B-League football club Indonesia. But unfortunately, the club broke the shelter, and he had to stop dreaming of becoming a soccer star.
Iko Uwais
Skills in Pencak Silat eventually led him to travel abroad in several exhibitions Silat in the UK, Russia, Laos, Cambodia and France.

About romance, once had a relationship with Jane Shalimar, in the month of August 2012 Iko married to singer Audy . Audy was rumored to be the third cause of rupture Iko and Jane, but the issue was denied by Iko.

She made ??her debut in the world of cinema through the title to go abroad, in 2009. In the film, he plays Yuda, a Minangkabau overseas. Initially, in 2007, Iko Silat talent was discovered by film director WALES, Gareth Evans, who is in the process of filming for a documentary about Silat martial arts school Iko. Evans also wanted to make him a leading role for his first martial arts movie of this.

Still with Gareth Evans, Iko returned to play in the film DEATH invasion which was later released with an international title THE RAID. The film was then released internationally on March 22, 2012 in Australia and New Zealand, and March 23, 2012 in Indonesia and North America, and May 18, 2012 in the UK.

Through this film, Iko Uwais name more known, after responded to by critics and audiences at various festivals as one of the best martial arts movies in years. Not only as a player, in this film Iko also be choreographed together friends, Yayan Ruhian.

The third film together Iko Gareth is in a period penggodogan. In the meantime, the film titled bully. And the film is still struggling about martial arts is a sequel of THE RAID. The plan, bully will start filming at the end of 2012. Currently Iko currently filming MAN OF Taichi also starring Keanu Reeves.

  • Going away (2009)
  • THE RAID (invasion DEATH) (2012)
  • Bully (2013)

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