Biography of Indah Dewi Pertiwi

Indah Dewi Pertiwi born in Bogor on January 30, 1991. He is known as a female solo artist from Indonesia who often incorporate elements of traditional Indonesian in costumes.

She is a career in the music world since 2010. IDP, familiar appellation, became famous for his first single came from the New I Know What Love Is contained in hypnotic album. In this album, IDP collaborated with the composer reliable as Bebi Romeo, Lil Widhianto, Ahmad Dhani, Charly, and Melly Geoslaw.

In addition, the IDP is also the first album featuring three other joint collaboration between Sandhy Sondoro, Teuku Wisnu, and Ahmad Dhani. His first album was also sold more than 1 million copies. Before finally following his second album in 2012, after several albums Colaboration, TER-BEAUTIFUL GARDEN.
Indah Dewi Pertiwi
IDP also carve a real achievement in the field of music. He became a champion in the category Newcomer Album Solo Ngetop 2011 on the mat SCTV Music Awards 2011. Unfortunately, in 2012, the award fell into the hands of Syahrini.

  • Hypnotic (2010)
  • Hypnotic, ENTERTAIMENT EDITION [repacked] (2010)
  • I'm Not Helpless (2011)