Biography of Iyeth Bustami

Sri Barat otherwise known as Iyeth Bustami (born in Bengkalis, August 24, 1974, age 40 years) is a pop singer Malay Indonesian nationals. Iyeth married with Eka Sapta on April 6, 2004 and now has three children.

Iyeth once the Best Female Singer Award Version Dangdut TPI 2003. Iyeth Bustami been poor across the world of music and in Riau he was known for the distinctive sound of its twisted wither. He has a lot of performances from the stage to the stage for a campaign event, and others.

In 1993, armed with a strong desire to end his talents with the support of family, friends, relatives, even Iyeth Migrated to Jakarta, not through House music company that is very well known, namely that many print JK Hits Record, Iyeth believed to to record his voice through the Malay Pop Album '40 -'60 that dangdut melayu wing, of course introduce Riau culture, in order to be accepted either by the Indonesian music lovers.
Iyeth Bustami
This album has not been catapulted Iyeth name, but with a spirit and a sense of not despair, finally released several albums Next, one of them in the same year, through the cold hand of maestro dangdut Eddy Lestahulu with the aid arrangements by Alik Ababiel, created an album produced by the House of Love already well-known labels Maheswara Music.

Iyeth increasingly popular since sang "Admiral King of the Sea" in 2004, on the album Zapin-dut: Admiral King of the Sea. The song was also catapulted the name Tia AFI after he brought in one of his concerts elimination Indosiar Fantasy Academy II in the same year.

  • Malay Pop '40 -'60 (1994)
  • Houses of Love (1994)
  • Pop Minang '95 (1995)
  • Love Only Once (2000)
  • Zapin-dut: Admiral King at Sea (2003)
  • Mana (2007)
  • Enough(2011)