Biography of Lorde

Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor or more popularly by his stage name Lorde is a young musician from New Zealand whose name skyrocketed after the second single titled Royals are at the top of the music charts New Zealand Top 40 and the Billboard Hot 100. Through the single is precisely he became a solo singer from New Zealand first won first place in the US music charts.

Lorde was the daughter of Sonja Yelich, a famous poet from New Zealand. From this mother Lorde started reading a lot of books that later influenced his technique in writing songs. When I was 5 years old, a woman born in Auckland, New Zealand follows the drama group and that's when he started to realize his love of music and acting.

Croatian and Irish descent woman is already started writing lyrics since I was 14 years old. His talent began to be recognized when the video recording producer who sang Pixie Lott's titled 'Mama Do' sent to scout Universal A & R, Scott Maclachlan. When Lorde reached the age of 13 years, Scott Maclachlan Lorde then invited to sign a contract under the Universal label.
Lorde music heavily influenced the flow of ambient, pop art, dark wave, electronica, indietronica, minimal and synthpop. While the lyrics are written mostly inspired from his youth and critique the mainstream culture.

  • 2012 - present
Lorde debut Extended Play starts from the first, entitled The Love Club that initially he posted on the site SoundCloud in November 2012 before being officially released in March 2013. The album Extended Play is finished second in the category New Zealand album charts on May 8, 2013.

Second single titled Royals managed to achieve some of the top of the charts, of which New Zealand Top 40, the US Billboard Hot 100, Alternative charts, and Rock Charts. Through this single Lorde also the 17-year-old became the first woman who managed to be at the top of the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart since 1996. Not only that, Lorde also be a female singer first Solo New Zealand topped the US Billboard charts in a period of more of 25 years thanks to this song.

Single Tennis Court which was released on June 8, 2013 was played in the coverage of the Wimbledon ladies singles final match Championships in 2013 by the BBC. The single also won the top of the charts of New Zealand's top 40 in June 2013. This makes it the first New Zealand woman who had 4 songs in the 20 tracks of New Zealand Top 40 Chart.

Lorde also briefly cover hits Everybody Wants to Rule the World which was later also released the soundtrack of the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. In 2013, Lorde successfully received numerous awards, among them APRA Silver Scroll obtained together Joel lyrics Little for the Royals, the MTV Europe Music Awards for Best New Zealand Act, and 3 New Zealand Music Award for Single of the Year, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and People's Choice Award. Not only are there, Lorde also appear in the list of 16 most influential teen version of Time magazine.

  • PURE Heroine (2013)
Extended Play
  • THE LOVE CLUB EP (2012)
  • Royals (2013)
  • Tennis Court (2013)
  • Team (2013)