Biography of Nick Jonas

Nicholas Jerry Jonas, or commonly known by the name of Nick Jonas was born in Dallas, Texas, United States, September 16, 1992. In addition, known as an actor, he is also a singer and musician from the United States.

Nick is one of the members of the band Jonas Brothers, along with his two brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. In addition, he is also known for playing the movie CAMP ROCK and CAMP ROCK 2: THE FINAL JAM as Nate.

Relating her personal life, she had a relationship with Miley Cyrus from June 2006 until December 2007. After the relationship ended, a few years later, in June 2011, he reportedly had a relationship with singer Delta Goodrem who is eight years old.
Nick Jonas
At age 13, she suffered from Type I Diabetes didiagnosi thus required to use the OmniPod insulin pump to help everyday. But he does not just sit on my hands. He even had time to float the Change for the Children Foundation.

The foundation aims to raise funds for the healing of children who suffer from diabetes such as himself. Since August 6, 2008, Nick Jonas together with other family appointed as an ambassador for Diabetes. Their task is to promote how to deal with diabetes suffered by children and adolescents at an early age.