Biography of Paridhi Sharma

Paridhi Sharma, born in Bagh, Dhar, India on March 15, 1985. She was an actress in various Indian series are very talented.

Born in a small town, Paridhi decided to move to Mumbai in 2012. The decision to move was certainly not without reason. Want to develop a career that was the main reason Paridhi moved into the entertainment center of India.

Paridhi Sharma is an actress who is very concerned about education. He completed his secondary education at the Emerald Heights International School.
Paridhi Sharma
Then he went on to pursue graduate and chose to study at Prestige Institute of Management in Pune, India. And not satisfied there, Paridhi immediately continue their education by taking a degree S2. Now Paridhi is a master in economics with an MBA.

Apparently, the title of which he had not worn in everyday life. Instead of a lecturer or an economist, Paridhi even plunge into the world of Indian entertainment.

Before moving to Mumbai in 2012, has starred in several series Paridhi Bollywood. He entered this world since 2010 through his role in the serial Tere Mere Sapne.

After that, he joined Ruk Jaana Nahin drama. And after that he moved to Mumbai in order to work is not disrupted long distances between home and set the most of it in Mumbai.

After Ruk Jaana Nahin, Paridhi chosen to portray the character in the serial Jodha Akbar Jodha. This is where he became a leading lady for the first time.

Because serial Jodha Akbar also the one, his name is known in Indonesia. Acting as queen Jodha very convincing, and make the lovers of this series not looking forward to the continuation of the story.

  • Tere Mere Sapne
  • Ruk Jaana Nahi
  • Jodha Akbar