Biography of Quincy Jones

  • Full Name: Quincy Jones
  • Profession: Composer and Producer 
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, US
  • Date of Birth: Tuesday, March 14, 1933
  • Zodiac: Pisces
Quincy Jones is a composer, producer and blower terumpet American origin. His career lasted for five decades in the entertainment industry. During that time, he gained many awards from the Grammy Awards. He even became much more famous when he produced the album Thriller had the king of pop, Michael Jackson, which has sold more than 110 million copies.

Quincy Jones was the eldest of the little Sarah Frances, an apartment complex manager and bank executive. Her mother suffered from schizophrenia. While his father, Quincy Delight Jones, Sr. is a semi-professional baseball player as well as a carpenter. Jones know the music during the primary school at Raymond Elementary School. When he was 14, he met with Robert Blackwell and from there he began studying music.
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones managed to obtain a scholarship to the Schillinger House (now the Berklee College of Music) in Boston, Massachusetts. At that time he sacrificed his studies when he got an offer for a player terumpet toured with Lionel Hampton. It is open early musical career.

He along with his partner, Bob Russell, became the first African American to enter into the Academy Award nominees for Best Original Song along with "The Eyes of Love" in 1968. He also worked with several major artists such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, etc.

Career Quincy Jones might be a success, but not with his personal life. He never failed in marriage for three times. In addition, he also had a relationship without marriage with several women. In the course of his love, he had seven children.

In addition to his career and his personal life, he also has a lot of stories in the field of social activity. Jones classified as people who are concerned with the social environment. This is evidenced by his joining in the activities supported by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s. Jones was one of the founders of the Institute for Black American Music (Ibam)

  • Raymond Elementary School
  • Seattle's Garfield High School
  • Musician
  • Conductor
  • Producer
  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Film composer
  • Nominee - Academy Award for Best Original Song (1968)
  • Winner - Jean Hersolt Humanitarian Award (1995)