Biography of Suri Cruise

Born in Los Angeles, California, on April 18, 2006, Suri Cruise's really a concern. Daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married on November 18, 2006 in Italy has become the biggest secret of Hollywood since his birth. He had to spend a year of 'disguise' before finally appearing in public.

Until now, Suri is still the most attention toddler world. His fashion style into something that most targeted media. Had performed with high heels while gymnastics, Suri became public spotlight.

Not only that, in February 2010 Suri caught anoint her lips with red lipstick when to go eat with her mother in the Big Apple. The same thing happened again in September 2011 when he was a walk in Manhattan, also with his mother.
Suri Cruise
Suri was wearing a dark blue dress, scarf, and hat at the time. In addition to embellish lips with bright red lipstick, Suri also wearing a pair of silver high heels and handbags Repetto Little Mermaid.

Suri is famous for having a collection of clothing to billions. And now, Suri looks often carry makeup bag wherever he goes. By doing so, Suri was worthy of the title as the most fashionable girl in the world. According to the mother, since the age of two years Suri already choose their own clothes to wear what he wants. The style of dress Suri even be a reference to the mother.

Suri dress style in the spotlight is also recorded in a special blog discusses and displays pictures with fashion and accessories Suri was wearing. Can be characterized from the blog, Suri is never seen wearing trousers. Suri always wear a dress and is often seen carrying a doll or a tote bag while traveling. And Suri even be in the order of 21 in a reader poll organized a fashion magazine. Apparently, Suri is ready to be the next fashion icon.