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Biography of Veena Malik

This beautiful girl was born with the name Zahida Malik or populer is Veena Malik on February 26, 1978 in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. Besides being known as a model and actress, who was born female partner dar Zeenat Ali Malik and Malik is also known as a highly educated woman who earned a BA

Before embarking on a career as an actress, Veena Malik worked as a comedy in several shows and TV series. Starting debut through the film Tere Pyar Mein (2000) alongside Shaan and Zara Sheikh. Since then, his name more known and more frequently appeared in various films and television shows.

Thanks to his achievements, the state of Pakistan was prevented to go international. The reason, they fear Pakistan lost one big star that they had. Soon, however, it changed.
Veena Malik
The longer, more daring Veena appear in public. He even several times to look sexy in various international magazines. Peak, women who incidentally has an Islamic background appeared topless on the cover of FHM magazine. No doubt, the behavior Veeena was mired in controversy in the whole world.

In the end, Pakistan which was originally hailing Veena turned 180 degrees. They began to blaspheme and forbade him back to Pakistan. In a short time, all the achievements Veena seemed to vanish without a trace. Fortunately, this beautiful woman still had permission to stay while in France.

  • 2000 Tere Pyar Mein
  • 2002 SASSI PUNNO
  • 2005 KOI TUJH SA Kahan
  • 2005 Kyun ITNA TUM SE PYAR HAI
  • 2008 Kabhi NA PYAR KARNA
  • 2008 Ishq BEPARWAAH
  • GALI GALI MEIN 2012 Chor HAI
  • 2012 TERE LOVE HO GAYA Naal
  • 2012 DAL Kuch KALA MEIN HAI
  • 2012 MUMBAI 125 KM
  • 2012 ZINDAGI 50-50
  • 2012 ALL U NEED ... LOVE
  • 2012 MR. MONE Y

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