Biography of Alan Kooi Simpson

  • -Full Name: Alan Kooi Simpson
  • -Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado, USA
  • -Date of Birth: Wednesday, September 2nd, 1931
  • -Zodiac: Virgo
  • -Hobby: Cody, Wyoming
  • -Nationality: United States
Alan Kooi Simpson is a former United States Senator who was born in Denver, Colorado on September 2, 1931. Simpson political Blood inherited from his father, Milward L. Simpson, who also had been a Conservative senator and served as governor of Wyoming. Simpson completed his formal education at the University of Wyoming in 1954, and the military service in Germany during 1955 - 1956. After the military service, Simpson decided to go back to almemater, University of Wyoming, to obtain a JD (Juris Doctor) in 1958.

Simpson's youth was filled with history 'dark' due to delinquency actions and some friends to deal with the law. While still in high school, Simpson and his friends 'stroll to create unrest'. They went wartime relocation building and intend to 'burn' the building. In the title of the trial, Simpson confessed to carelessness and damaging government property, a criminal offense with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, if no deaths in a fire, or a maximum of life in prison if convicted of any deaths.
Alan Kooi Simpson
But the fire is not the only 'toy' Simpson at the time. Armed with a bullet that was stolen from a local hardware store, Simpson and his friends compete with the target accurately rock, post boxes, and various other targets including stakes road and a cow. Fortunately no one was injured pda moment, although Simpson admitted that they had been 'created hell' at the time and pleaded guilty to call himself as a 'monster'.

In 1979 to 1997, Simpson meets kenegaraaan call and act as Senator from the state of Wyoming. Like his father, Simpson chose to be conservative and opposition to government regulation. He is also known vocal support access to abortion, equal rights gay and lesbians, as well as equal access for everyone regardless of race, color, ancestry, gender, and sexual orientation. During his time as Senator, Simpson had acted as officials legislators (Whip - disciplinarian, policy makers or law - pen.) Republican in 1985 to 1995, and twice served as chairman of Veterans Affairs (War), respectively in 1981-1987 and 1995 - 1997. In addition, Simpson also been recorded active as chairman of the Immigration and Refugee field, Nuclear Regulation, Social Security Affairs and Senior Citizen field.

Retracing retirement from politics and government, Simpson became a lecturer at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, as well as Director of the Institute of Politics for two years. In 2000, Simpson returned to her hometown and open a law practice with his two sons, William and Colin (also a member of the Republican party in the Government of the state of Wyoming). Occasionally, Simpson was invited to act as a guest lecturer at his alma mater and recorded still active vice-chairman of the organization Americans for Campaign Reform.

  • Cody High School, Cody, Wyoming
  • LLB, University of Wyoming (1954)
  • JD, University of Wyoming (1958)
  • US Senator from Wyoming, 1979-97