Biography of Indra L Burgman

Indra Bruggman more popular with Indra L. Bruggman. Single bloody Dutch-Sundanese born in Tasikmalaya, May 8, 1981.  Since he was a primary school, Indra has often won the race fashion show in her hometown.

While in junior high school precisely in 1995, Indra following the election arena coverboy Arts and managed to become one of the finalists.

Shortly after that, Indra decided to move to Jakarta. He then followed the casting and directly elected to the soap opera starring role Jinny Jinny OH production Multivision Plus, with Diana Pungky.

Inevitably this soap opera that catapulted him. Acting naturally makes Indra then flooded with orders for playing soap opera.
Indra L Burgman
Not only soap opera, Indra also starred in several commercials, including Slipper Dakkar, Krating Daeng, So Klin Fragrances, Shoes Hasenda.

Gained fame must be redeemed by the relentless onslaught of gossip. Start of gossip Indra who alternated boyfriend, Indra as drug users, until rumors that ex-girlfriend's daughter is gay Helmalia.

Indra whose name was dragged in the case of Ryan 'The Butcher of Jombang', is currently busy preparing for the album dangdut. After being a finalist Supermama celebrity event CONCERT on one private television, Indra who is also a vote getter in this Gerindra party campaign flooded and offer singing dangdut album.

Beginning in May 2009, Indra released the single Tabu which was soon followed by the release of her new album. Tabu song was created by Barry Manilow.

Once the name is well known in the world dangdut, Indra even change direction. The grounds are preferred pop music market, he now began to move into the path of pop music. Another reason he advances also because he needed the money for his family. For the sake of the family too, Indra also returned to the stage after a soap opera long enough vacuum.

Long disappeared from the world of entertainment, in 2012 the name of Indra back into public debate after a tabloid load marriage to Bertrand Antolin issue. Earlier, photographs proximity Bertrand Antolin and Indra L Brugmann had circulated in cyberspace but both denied if you have a special relationship.