Biography of Inul Daratista

Inul Daratista born in Pasuruan, East Java, on January 21, 1979. The woman whose real name Ainur Rokhimah known as an Indonesian dangdut singer. Inul famous for rocking style drilling. Inul father Abdullah Safe, and his mother was Rufia. Inul married to Adam Suseno .

Her marriage to Adam had been long enough. After waiting for 13 years, Inul finally blessed with their first child. Inul gave birth to her first child on May 19, 2009, 21:29 pm by Caesarean.

Inul began his career as a singer calls from party to party in his hometown and successfully bring rocking ngebornya moved to Jakarta. Through shake it well, luck came Inul. Women from Pasuruan become widely known so fast and invited many producers to get involved and popularize his name.

On the other hand, wobble Inul also invited comments from a number of people, which is deemed to have touched the area of pornography. Shake Inul, considered also has become a 'trigger' immoral and pornographic. Developing the comment hot tub like a wild ball, which gave rise to the opinion the pros and cons.
Inul Daratista
The attitude shown by the king of dangdut cons, H. Rhoma Irama, which considers Inul has malakukan destruction of the 'image of dangdut' which has been dibangunya. By placing the dominant element of the wobble is considered pornographic into songs dangdut Inul and has changed perception.

While Inul itself, with the attitude that 'harm', and often appeared with 'tears' it invites a lot of sympathy. Inul seems to be a figure that needs to be defended and it makes the songs became hits. WHY sinetronnya inul and GARA_GARA inul, who tells him that abused and become a scapegoat, the more clicking ekplore Inul figure.

Until 2006 Inul has produced 16 albums, two albums, Goyang Inul and MAU DONG received quite encouraging. In addition, Inul also expanded with the business world karaoke, Inul Vista which has opened a branch in Jakarta and Bandung.

Related case with Andar Situmorang about karaoke business, finally on June 1, 2009 Inul get the win. Through trial at the Central Jakarta District Court, the judge said if the lawsuit Andar misplaced.

After winning the case where karaoke, dressing now Andar Situmorang Inul who reported to the police. Inul along the actual heirs of Master Nahum, stocked Sitomorang demanding Andar are accused of making false reports.

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