Biography of Ivan Gunawan

Ivan Gunawan , who was born in Jakarta, December 31, 1981 is known as a fashion designer, star model, presenter of TV programs and soap opera star and the big screen. He is a diplomat child and also the nephew of Indonesian fashion designers, Adjie Notonegoro .

Ivan starred 5 4 PERFECT HEALTH, as well as religious and starred in the film became a presenter infotainment Anteve, through programs Espresso. Together with Ulfa Dwiyanti, Ivan did a duet presenter in DANGDUT sudden.

Ivan now appears as a commentator in the reality show show, Mamamia together Ponky Elvis Presley, and Emilia Contesa.
Ivan Gunawan
In addition to working in the world presenter, she began singing mejajal. With menggadeng Rossa as executive producer, he launched a single Ijah Do Gila Dong. Interestingly, the single was distributed through the RBT (Ring Back Tone).

Ivan widener boutique business, with boutique 'Miss To Mom' in Tanah Abang, Jakarta. In the near future, it will also open a similar boutique with concentration menswear.

  • 5 4 PERFECT HEALTH (2002)
  • LOVE 24 RUST (2003)
  • BAD WOLVES (2005)
  • IVAN Shalom! XOBILE (2008)
  • Basahhh ... (2008)