Biography of Jane Shalimar

Jane Shalimar Jashkilka or familiar with the name Jane Shalimar was born in Jakarta, June 2, 1980. Jenny, so called, is one of the Indonesian soap opera actress, who began his career on the world model then starred in several soap operas.

H.Dicky couple's daughter Faiza Sadikin and Hj.Isye this, a failure in the building mahligai family. Indra Kusuma Vebryanto marriage to John in 2004, not long-lived. She sued for divorce her husband of two years after the marriage took place. As the cause of their divorce triggered by incompatibility, and had time to develop their respective charges have been having an affair, though then not revealed.

In such a marriage, a close friend Sulistiawaty Ussy is blessed with a boy, Muhammad Zarno. Child is then a protracted feud material between them, although eventually fell into the hands of mystic implant soap star magnolia KIDUL NYI RORO this.
Jane Shalimar
In elections held April 2009, Jane would run into one of the candidates. Jane advanced to candidates through the province of Banten 1 Electoral District 8, which includes Pandeglang and Lebak of the Democratic Party. Thanks to its seriousness run as representatives of the people, making the album a plan had to be delayed.

End of October 2009, Jane had to lose her only child, Muhammad Zarno, which was brought by her ex-husband, Vebry. Starting from her ex-husband wanted to take the children to the streets, but wait until the night, the child is not returned to Jane.

Due to the ex-husband felt not immediately return his son, then mid-November 2009, he reported to the police Vebry. Jane's sense of loss will be his son to make it a must to bed rest because she had been depressed.

Troubled with ex-husband, does not mean to make Jane trauma. The proof is in the beginning of 2010, he was admitted to its proximity to Iko Uwais , star wander.

Related problems seizure of her only child, on January 27, 2010, Jane reported her ex driver to the South Jakarta Police. This began when Jane wants to take Zarno, son, from his school. However, the driver stop him, and suspected the driver was doing her persecution.