Biography of Jenny Cortez

Jenny Cortez was born in Jakarta on October 8, 1986. The girl who is the youngest of two brothers is the son of the couple Mercy and Madar. Shopping, traveling, and going to nightclubs is his hobby.

His name began to be a conversation when he was rumored to be the third person rift between Deddy Courbuzier and Kalina. Jenny also stumbled Nudity photographs circulating on the internet.

Got news emerged of these photos are from the movie casting WATERFALL BRIDAL, but the producer, Ody Mulya, denied this. Meanwhile, Jenny itself did admit it was a photograph of an adult men's magazine photo shoot, but not including the photos nude and topless.
Jenny Cortez
In personal relationships, Jenny had experienced romance with one of the ATP players, Andrew Roxburgh, but this relationship did not continue. Jenny also been near near soap opera Ferry ardiansyah.

The end of March 2010, circulated photographs of Jenny was kissing a man, later identified as Boy Hamzah. Jenny admitted if Boy is his girlfriend and had a relationship for a year.

Starting from the world model, the name of Jenny Cortez began widely known. From the model, he began to explore the world of soap operas and movies. His first film was Kirun & Adul who starred with Ricky Harun.

His name was then soared through the title WATERFALL BRIDAL Maxima Pictures production. Film by Jose Purnomo opens the way Jenny Cortez in the world of entertainment, but when the name is not very well known in the public eye.

He put all his acting skills in the movie WATERFALL BRIDAL by acting as a girl who threatened his life because he was targeted by a psychopath while on vacation with his friends on an island.