Biography of Kevin Aprilio

Kevin Aprilio Sumaatmaja born in Jakarta on April 7 in 1990. Kevin is a musician who was born to Addie MS and Memes. Since childhood, Kevin already familiar with atmospheric music. In fact he has studied piano formally since he was attending kindergarten.

While in junior high school, Kevin began to learn to write their own songs. Driven by the goal to follow the footsteps of his father who is a songwriter and composer, Kevin actively practicing music. His skills playing the piano could no doubt. He even became a single pianist in Musicademia Twilite Orchestra.

Guy who likes Japanese cuisine was once reportedly close to Princess Titian . In addition, the name widdy, vocalist Vierra also been mentioned as a lover. In early 2011, Kevin is close to one of his old friend, Cita. Kevin and Cita friends while still attending kindergarten.
Kevin Aprilio
In 2009, Kevin began to build a more serious musical career with the band membantuk Vierra with friends who knew of the social networking site Friendster. With a single pledge Hear Curhatku, Vierra then toss the name Kevin is considered as the brain of the group. Not only playing music, Kevin also try acting. Kevin had starred in several television movie title.

Kevin was not enough talent to the field of music and acting alone. Working behind the scenes, Kevin formed a record label that embodies an Indonesian girl group, Princess. Aside from being a musician, Kevin is also good business brain, he captures the mushrooming phenomenon boyband and girlband Indonesia in 2011, and making it a business area.

Previously, Kevin also had produced Aprilio Story, which consists of two sisters Abi and Adri who brought the genre of pop and demo rock.