Biography of Kotak Band

From THE DREAM BAND event held by one private television in the year 2004, Kotak born through Isnaini Dody hand, one personnel Jasmine Trias , who served as producer. Dody who was doing auditions to form a new band format consisting of a drummer, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist.

On dated 27 September 2004 formed Kotak with the format Pare (vocals), Prinzes Amanda / Icez (bass), Mario Marsella / Cella (guitar), and Haposan Haryanto Tobing / Posan (drums), who then released their first album entitled box.

However, in 2007, Pare and Icez resign. Vocal position ultimately filled by Swasti Word Tantric ( Tantric ), while the bass is replaced by Chua, who then released the album titled Box Both in 2009.
Kotak Band
The new formation was carrying a big success for Kotak. Not only because of the ring back tone (RBT), which sold more than one million alone, their performance on stage also makes them a band that are sought and received an offer tours to various regions in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, formation changes must occur in the body of this band. This time, Posan who resigned from his position as drummer. However, did not dampen the spirit Kotak to finalize their latest album Energy: Kick From Heaven (August 2011).

By carrying out the modern rock music that little dark shades, and supported gothic appearance, making a direct box gets a place in the hearts of music lovers in Indonesia.

The debut album was launched in 2005 with the title KOTAK. The self titled album contains 10 songs, including Lost, Fly (Khayal), Peaceful Heart, You Choose He, and many other songs. This album is quite acceptable to the relative Kotak (as fans Kotak ).

Hose 3 years later, the band from Jakarta was re-issued album Kotak. The album with 12 tracks of this, is under the label Warner Music Indonesia which candidate hits, Action, Still Love and Leave Only.

Name Kotak increasingly taken into account in the Indonesian music scene, et voila Proven won Best Rock Group and Best Rock Album in 2009 AMI event.

Not only that, they also received the title of Best Newcomer Group version Anugerah Planet Music in 2009, and won the 2009 Most Favorite Breakthrough Artist of the MTV Indonesia Awards.

Towards the end of 2009, Kotak re-released their latest single. Single by title only slowly is a 'bridge' to the Kotak titled third album ENERGY, which was released in November 2010.

  • The Dream Band "Eight" (December 2004) - compilation 
  • Box (June 2005)
  • Second Box (May 2008)
  • Energy (November 2010)
  • Energy: Kick of Heaven (August 2011)