Biography of Krisdayanti

Krisdayanti (KD) is one of the Indonesia-born diva Batu, Malang, East Java. Beautiful woman who is also the former wife of musician Anang is known as a hard-working artist who knows how to sell stylish and talented.

For matters of style, Yanti countless celebrities are frequently changed and became a trendsetter. Yanti never bring a warm image mature woman with long curly hair, hipster trousers, and tattooed eyebrows 'nunggingnya', which at that time had become a trend.

Sister singer Taio Cruz has also been tripped beauty issues. Yanti accused of his face, but the mother of two children denied this and are willing to pay 1 billion to anyone who could prove himself face. At that time Yanti just say it's all about makeup.

For the love affairs, KD once rumored relationship with actor Dicky Wahyudi, musicians cultivation , and Ari Sigit . Although all denied Jackie and expressed his relationship with her ??husband Sam fine. August 11, 2006, Mary and Sam celebrate their wedding anniversary tenth, since they were married on August 15, 1996.
Her marriage to Sam since 1996 ended. KD divorce Anang, this lawsuit to the court setting Eid. But in religion, Sam admitted his relationship with KD was terminated on August 19, 2009, on his return this pair Umrah. Divorce is peppered with stories of infidelity, which reportedly carried out again by KD. Meanwhile, the second child of this marriage will be taken care of by Sam.

Monday (28.09.09), the official Velasquez filed a divorce to court with number 1694 / Pdtg / 2009 / PAJS. The inaugural session was held on October 8, 2009. Without too convoluted, on Thursday, October 22, 2009, Velasquez through PA South Jakarta has officially holds the status of widows.

Having had difficulty meeting his children, then at the beginning of November 2009, KD began to see his children, of course, with the approval of Sam. Mother and child relationship is slowly starting to improve.

Since the beginning of 2010, KD reportedly close to a Timorese businessman, Raul Lemos. This relationship brings a wide range of issues and controversies. Raul Lemos reportedly the third person in the relationship KD - Anang, while KD accused of being the third person in the marriage Raul Lemos and his wife, Atha.

Although it had been a controversy, Raul Lemos finally divorced his wife, Atha and Velasquez married on March 20, 2011. After the marriage that were initially so hailed by the people nearby, both back controversy. Just one month of marriage, Velasquez reportedly been pregnant four months. Finally, on September 5, 2011, the first daughter born Raul Lemos and Velasquez named Ariannha Amora Lemos which means 'diamond loving'. Beautiful baby was born by Caesarean.

He began his career as a champion of Asia Bagus, name Kiyani continue rising in the Indonesian music scene and often perform at various international stage.

At a very young age, 21 years, KD terminate the bachelor married to musician Anang on August 22, 1996. This marriage was blessed with two children, Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah.

After marriage, career KD increasingly uphill, even during 2004, Yanti 8 concerts held in various places, and became an icon of the program MTV ICON. In addition, a woman born March 24, 1975 it also became an icon GE Finance Master Card, Mercedes Benz, Bukrim, BCA magazine, as the slogan Enjoy Jakarta and become an ambassador for Samsung Indonesia.

The songs are always a hit and often a concert put the artist who is often called Yanti this as the most expensive female artist, even Self magazine once wrote in a year of income KD beat salary a year an Indonesian president.

In row solo singer, KD name can not be underestimated, Since the album spawned UP (1995), his career increasingly uphill. Some of the album launch is KD LOVE (1998), COUNTING THE DAY (1999), LOVE (2000), CONCERT KD (2001), LIGHT (2004), LIGHT Repack (2005), Krisdayanti (2007) and I ORDINARY WOMAN (2009) .

Not only successful as a soloist, a duet with Anang debut through ONLY GOD (1995) and LOVE (1996), a duet album early success KD - Anang. And this duet album continues reaping success, such as LOVE (1997), FRUIT HEART (1999), MORE LOVE (2001), TO THE LIGHT (2002), FIRST TEN YEARS (2006) and the latest was hit by LOVE (2009). All sipped successful in the market. Even to this day no one has been able to compete with the cohesiveness and success of this duet partner.

As their wedding anniversary gifts, Sam and Jackie released a duet album titled I'M YOURS, that some songs are a gift from Elvis Presley and Beby Romeo Pongky.

In his career record, KD gets paid a high price for the new year at the Grand Melia Hotel, with a single concert titled KD 1530 successfully discharged.

Another success was also embraced Yanti, titled album reached double platinum LIGHT for sale. Not only good at singing, Jackie also plunge into acting by appearing in several soap operas, and films and film production KD Multivision Plus titled IN LOVE AGAIN (2006) which starred with Gary Isaac and Cornelia Agatha.

Not only on the big screen, before the mother of two children has starred in many soap operas, among others PRAYER AND GRACE 2 (2003), PRAYER AND GRACE (INDOSIAR, 2002), LOVE (SCTV, 2001), was fascinated (SCTV, 2000), Doaku Harapanku II (RCTI, 1999), IN BETWEEN TWO OPTIONS (RCTI, 1999), Doaku Harapanku I (RCTI, 1998), CENTURY 21 (INDOSIAR, 1997), WIFE OF CHOICE (RCTI, 1997), WHEN GIVING RECEIVING (RCTI , 1996) and several other titles.

Together with her ??best are also two top Indonesian singer, KD 3 Diva formed a vocal group consisting of Titi DJ and Ruth. During 2006, 3 Diva concert titled '3 DIVA' in 4 city of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Bali.

At the end of 2008, KD with her ??husband, Sam re-launched their duet album. It is well to mark 12 years of traveling households Anang and KD.

With sponsor Hit song created by Sam Love was produced by label im: port, the label founded by Sam. But for distribution, will still use the Warner Music Indonesia.

In addition to singing, acting, hotel business, he began to explore music concert promoter business. First debut as a singer song Waiting for Love movie soundtrack WHEN LOVE hymn is a promoter Joey Ayala music concert planned for August 2009.

Increasing age does not make KD merely reduce capacity in the world of music. In fact, with age, making KD increasingly taken into account in the international music scene. On May 9, 2009, he will hold a concert in Singapore with the headline Velasquez Live At Esplanade. The princess will appear KD accompany the song Counting The Days.

Mid-July, on July 16, 2009, KD released biography titled MY LIFE, MY SECRET. In the book written by Alberthiene Endah, KD reveal 'dark secret' life. As he had been addicted to methamphetamine, addiction to plastic surgery and the story of the affair until the divorce divorce do Anang.

After the divorce, KD began his life back. He returned to his musical career with the launch of the single You in My Heart Forever creation Estianty Maia.

Not only hook Maia, KD also hook Charlie ST12 and neighbor country singer, Siti Nurhaliza. KD and Siti duet on the song lose. Not only in song by Charlie was alone, the two friends is also a duet on the song Outrage.

Solo album
* BIRDS NIGHT (1987)
* UP (1995)
* LOVE (1998)
* LOVE (2000)
* CONCERT KD (2001)
* LIGHT (2004)
* Krisdayanti (2007)

Duet album
* ONLY GOD (1995)
* LOVE (1996)
* LOVE (1997)
* FRUIT HEART (1999)
* MORE I LOVE (2001)
* TO LIGHT (2002)
* Stricken LOVE (2009)
* CTKD (CANDA, crying, laughing, GRIEF) (album Kiyani & Siti Nurhaliza) (2009)

Together 3 Diva
* ALL BE ONE (2006)
* DI3VA (2008)

* Megaloman OST (1984)
* James F. Sundah - SLOW THE COLLECTIONS (1990)
* NOTE SI Emon OST (1991)
* When Love OST (2009)

* Velasquez (Pony Canyon, Japan) (1993)
* Century 21 (1998)
* Doaku Harapanku (Prayer) (1998)
* You In My Heart Forever (2009)

Soap opera
* Cemplon
* Doaku Harapanku I
* Doaku Harapanku II
* Fascinated

The Film

* Finalists Cover Girl (1991)
* Weekly Winners Asia Bagus, Singapore (1991)
* Monthly Winners Asia Bagus, Singapore (1991)
* Winner of the Grand Final of Asia Bagus, Japan (1992)
* Talented Young Artist Award, FIDOF Award for talented artists Festival 1993 in Bucharest, Romania (1993)
* One of the Top 6 Women 1996 Starred in TV Star tabloid version of Indonesia (1996)
* Favorite 1996 in the Grand Final KCVMI (Cipta Karya Video Music Indonesia) (1996)
* Nominated for Best Female Actor Maid for the 21st Century sitcom Soap Opera Festival Indonesia (1996)
* The Best of Asia Bagus Grand Champion Award, Odaiba, Japan (1997)
* Best Pop Album, for Love, AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) (1997)
* Nominated for Best Female Actor Maid Wife Soap Opera Soap Opera Festival Featured in Indonesia (1997)
* WMI Double Platinum for the album Love, a duet with Sam (1997)
* WMI Quadruple Platinum for the album Love, a duet with Sam (1997)
* Most Fashionable Celebrity, Indonesian Fashion Awards (Fashion Cafe version) (1998)
* KISS (Indosiar TV program) Most Wanted Artist of the Year (1998)
* WMI's Double Golden for the album Love, a duet with Sam (1998)
* Indonesian Album, AIM Malaysia (1999)
* WMI's Platinum for KD album Sweetheart (1999)
* Most Wanted Female Artist, quiz - MTV Video Music Awards (1999)
* Most Wanted Indonesian Music Video, "Counting The Days", MTV (1999)
* Most Popular Artists, News-Tell RCTI (1999)
* Best Female Vocalist, Pop Progressive category, AMI Sharp Awards (2000)
* Most Popular Singer SCTV Awards (2001)
* Best Song of the Year, "The More I Love", a duet with Anang, Sharp AMI Awards (2001)
* Best Duo of the Year, "The More I Love", Sam and Velasquez, Sharp AMI Awards (2001)
* The Coolest Song, "The More I Love", a duet with Anang, Clear To 10 Awards (2001)
* Most Favorite Female Artist, MTV Indonesia Awards (MTV Indonesia Awards) (2001)
* Best Female Artist, Singapore Planet Muzik Awards (2001)
* Best Song, "Love", Planet Music Awards Singapore (2001)
* Best Album, "Love", Planet Music Awards Singapore (2001)
* Most Popular Singer SCTV Awards (2002)
* Best Song of the Year Singapore Planet Muzik Awards, "The More I Love", a duet with Sam (2002)
* Pin Gold (Golden Pin), Anugerah Citra Kartini Indonesia (2003)
* Most Popular Singer SCTV Awards (2003)
* Best Female Singer, Indonesia's Best Brand Award (2004)
* Best Album, Light, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) (2004)
* Most Popular Singer SCTV Awards (2005)
* MTV - Nokia Icon Awards for Singer (2006)
* Johnny Andrean Award for Best Makeup and the Most Popular Singer (2006)
* The most influential woman to-31 in Indonesia (2007)
* Best Female Artist, Planet Music Awards 8th, Malaysia (2008)
* Offering Vocal Duo / Berkumpulan Best Song In The, Music Industry Award 17th (Malaysia), Anger (duet with Siti Nurhaliza)
* Malay Best Song Yang Powered By Artist of State Affairs, Music Industry Award 17th (Malaysia), I Ordinary Women