Biography of Maia Estianty

Maya Estianty or better known as Maia Ahmad is a group personnel Duo Maia , who was born in Surabaya, East Java, on 27 January 1976. Maia is married to musician Ahmad Dhani , frontman Dewa 19 . They met while attending school in SMAN 2 Surabaya. Maia married with Dhani at the age of 19 years. Of marriage, they had three children. All three are named as Sufis who became the idol of his father, Ahmad Al-Ghazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi, and Abdul Qadir Jilani.

Late 2006, wedding Maia - Dhani crack. Until 2008, their divorce trial rolling. Children and property seizure cases Gono-gini coloring session. In fact, they both often 'drop' each other through the media. 23 September 2008 divorce trial Maia and Dhani has been fruitful decision. South Jakarta Religious Court granted the divorce suit against her husband Maia.

In addition, the custody of the three children is the fruit of love musicians fall into the hands of Maia. Unfortunately, until now their three children, Al, El and Dul still in the hands of Dhani. Maia still trying to follow the path of the family to acquire rights.
Maia Estianty
In late November 2010, Maia Estianty named as an ambassador for anti-violence against women by the Ministry of State Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection. Maia will be involved in efforts to prevent domestic violence (domestic violence).

Maia also be campaigning for how to prevent violence, because domestic violence preceded the existence of problems in the family. Domestic violence they experienced when it became the wife of Ahmad Dhani be a rewarding experience, also a staunch adherent attitude became another example of women, who face such cases.

Before forming Duo Maia, Maia had formed the band along Mambo Queen, who is also equally been a backing vocalist Dewa 19.

One of their new album out, TOGETHER (2003), Pink resigned in 2005. Through the audition process, replaced by Mulan Kwok (which changed its name to Mulan 2008).

Together Mulan, Maia released the first compilation album titled QUEEN & FRIENDS (2005) with a single Teman Tapi Mesra and in my chest There you. In 2006, Queen released the album NO. ONE, with the title track Crocodile Man Army and Dear Diary.

Mulan decided to pull out of the Queen at the beginning of 2007. After the vacuum for 1 year back with the formation Duo Maia Maia, along Mey Chan. They released their debut album titled MAIA & FRIENDS (2008) with the title track Remember You and EGP.

Besides singing, Maia also plunge into the world of acting. Maia had become one of the cast of comedy Extravaganza in Trans TV in 2006 but then stopped in 2007. Maia also had a chance to play a few episodes in the sit-com in the OB (RCTI). Maia a guest star in a horror movie FLOOR 13 (2007).

In his development as a musician, producer Maia became vocal group Pasto. As well as the Duo Maia, he hook artist Laura Love to duet on the song Love traitors. This song is on the album for Duo Maia, THE CHAMPION.

One more achievement etched by Maia. In May 2009, his songs, TTM (Teman Tapi Mesra) was purchased by one of the group in Sweden. Using the same rhythm, just changed the lyrics and title, Dreaming Of The Time, this song even has often played on one radio in the United States.

  • TOGETHER (2003)
  • QUEEN & FRIENDS (2005)
  • NO. ONE (2006)
Duo Maia
  • MAIA & FRIENDS (2008)
  • THE CHAMPION (2009) 
  • FLOOR 13 (2007) - Guest Star
  • OH MY GOD (2008) - Supporting Actor
  • SORRY LAST WORD (2009) - Main Cast
Comedy Events
  • EXTRAVAGANZA (2006 - 2007)
  • OB (2007)
  • HAPPY dawn (2009)