Biography of Marshanda

Marshanda born in Jakarta, August 10, 1989. Dara Ayu is familiarly called Chacha skyrocketed when her patron FAIRY as Lala, along Marini Zumarnis as fairy godmother. At the age of 3-4 years, this is a Leo star also lived in Semarang, precisely on Jalan Diponegoro Pleburan near campus, while his father was still working for about two years in Semarang.

For academic affairs Chacha not students who like to skip because of filming. The host of TV's Trans Fantasiana in junior high school graduate with UAN 2.3, even in 2004, Marshanda awarded 'The Most Brilliant Person' on the Asian Award 2004 to coincide with the National Education May 3, 2004, and became Ambassador of the Environment in 2006.

Just released her single, in mid-August 2009, the name Chacha crowded reported in some media. This time associated with the emergence of several videos on YouTube that show he was crying in the 'drama' that overall there are 3 videos. There was also a video of it being blasphemed friends her elementary school. After crowded reported in some media infotainment, some related videos on YouTube were removed owners.
After the scene as a result of the news video, finally revealed when Chacha suffering from a narrowing in the back of his neck. To speed up the healing, then he finally hospitalized. Even Chacha prohibited see infotainment and meet journalists. Slowly but surely, Chacha conditions improved. He was allowed to go home. Although not totally back into the entertainment world, but he was allowed to accept an offer to sing. He went back to college as usual.

Coinciding with the 21th anniversary, Marshanda decided to wear the hijab so on. It is recognized as a blessing Marshanda he gets when discussing Hadists.

For the love affairs, this snake bershio girl had a relationship close to Baim Wong when they co-starred in the soap opera SAID LOVE HATE. After parting from Baim, Chacha establish love with MTV VJ, Ben Kasyafani .

Chacha terminate the bachelor married Ben Kasyafani, dipacarinya man for 3 years, on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at approximately 11:25 pm, at the Hotel Sofyan Betawi, Menteng, Central Jakarta. A set of tools for Rp24.201.100 prayers and money given to Marshanda of Ben as a dowry, in front of the prince and the witnesses, including Agum Gumelar. After a year of marriage with Ben Kasyafani, Marshanda was finally pregnant.

Chacha started his career in the advertising world since 1st grade, by chance, when it Chacha accompany her aunt Cynthia Rustam (former Lux soap ad models) to image advertising agency Lintas. Until there Chacha requested casting, and finally a small Chacha chosen to star in the ad Bank Danamon. Furthermore Chacha shade lucky star, a good TV ad starring advertising and print media, including Filma, Cadbury Eclairs, Noodles Onion Chicken, Ice Mony, Tango Wafer, Chicken Nuggets, Carvil Millennium, and Milk Flag.

Success with FAIRY I, Chacha again starred FAIRY 2., But only up to 104 episodes. As for the next 98 episodes Chacha position is replaced by another player who started the problems between the Marshanda and Multivision Plus.

After FAIRY, a series of sitcom starring Marshanda, such as family EYES MY HEART, SAD STORY IN SUNDAY, LOVE STORY IN SCHOOL, LOVE STORY IN SCHOOLS II, Adam and Eve, SWEET AND LOVE, and two feature films, namely in the form ENGLISH EDUCATION VCD and ADVENTURE 100 HOURS with Joshua.

Not only good at acting, the eldest of three brothers Joseph and Riyanti pair Irwan Sofyan is also involved in several compilation albums cultivation, such as religious album GOD THAT I LOVE (2002), BEST OF FEMALE IDOL, BROKEN HEART, NOW AND FOREVER, TWELVE SONGS BEST ISLAMIC, and also two solo albums and Marshanda FAIRY (2005).

Coinciding with the National Education May 2, 2004, Marshanda was awarded 'The Most Brilliant Person' on the Asian Award 2004. This award is given to Marshanda because besides active in the world of acting, he is also considered to excel in school. This is evidenced by the success graduating junior high school with satisfactory grades. UAN (National Exam) Marshanda is 23. That means the average of eight lacking a bit. In addition, she was also crowned the Ambassador of the Environment in 2006.

Beginning in 2009, Marshanda who has got a legacy of a hotel of this grandfather, back showing his acting skills on the big screen in films DO IF LOVE whiny. Role is always polite, be little changed in this film directed by Monty Tiwa. This time he plays a drug addict.

Demi promo new album which will be released in 2009, Marshanda willing to change the appearance. He was willing to paint the black hair blonde. Chacha's latest single, Breathe With Your Love finally released on June 24, 2009. Chacha himself admitted to not mess with the profession in the field of singing this.

The end of September 2009, began to re-open Chacha voice to the media. He expressed his readiness to return to acting. Currently busy filming the soap opera A Million Love Marshanda. In this soap opera, first time, Chacha play with Ben, who is now her husband's lover.

Soap opera
  • FAIRY 2
  • Family EYES MY HEART
  • Adam and Eve
  • Children of Adam
  • A Million Love Marshanda
  • FROM bow down prostration
The Film
  • EDUCATION ENGLISH (Video Learning)
  • ADVENTURE 100 HOURS (2005)
  • IF LOVE DO crybaby (2009)