Biography of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

  • Full Name: Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
  • Place of Birth: Paris
  • Date of Birth: Monday, August 26, 1743
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Nationality: French
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was a chemist, economist and public servant known for his discovery of the role of oxygen in combustion. He is also the person responsible for giving the name to oxygen. His father was a successful lawyer in Paris. He was born in 1743 in Paris. He learned a lesson in high school December Quarte Nations.

In 1764 he obtained a license to practice law because the family wanted him to follow in the footsteps of his father. But apparently he prefers the world of science, especially geology. He studied geology on education Jean Etienne Guettard from 1763 until 1767.
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
In the midst of studying and understanding the science of geology, he wrote a paper on how to improve street lighting in Paris later this paper published. Thereafter, in 1768 he was elected to the Royal Academy of Science and join with Farmer's General is a private company that collects taxes and tariffs for the government.

He is married to Jawues Paulze, son of the leader of company Farmer's General in 1771. He was appointed into the National Gunpowder Commission in 1775 and moved to Arsenal. There he created an extraordinary labs. There he did many experiment and be like his own house which became a gathering place for scientists and free thinkers.

In addition to world science as a scientist, he also has a wide range of ideas about politics, and it includes supporting the Liberal Politics. With this in mind the necessity of the French Revolution, he played an active role in the French Revolution as the committee is concerned about the condition of the French economy.

In 1974 he was vilified by Jean Paul Marat and radical journalists and on the 8th of May in were all arrested and put into prison and all were found guilty and executed without exception Lavoisier.

  • High School December Quarte Nation
  • Royal Academy of Science, 1768
  • National Gunpowder Commission, 1775
  • Farmer's General, 1771
  • The discovery of the role of oxygen in combustion
  • Giving a name to oxygen