Biography of Arnold Orville Beckman

  • Full Name: Arnold Orville Beckman
  • Place of Birth: Cullom, Illinois
  • Date of Birth: Tuesday, April 10, 1900
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Nationality: American
Arnold Orville Beckman was an American chemist who founded Beckman Instruments, based on the 1934 discovery of a pH meter, a tool for measuring acidity. He was also one of the first transistor donor company.

Beckman was born on April 10, 1900 in the Cullom, Illinois. He is the son of a blacksmith. He had a great curiosity about the world from an early age. When he was nine, Beckman found an old chemistry textbooks and began to try an experiment. His father encourages scientific interest by allowing him to convert the barn to laboratory equipment.

Beckman lectures at the University of Illinois, where he earned a degree in chemical engineering in 1922 and a master's degree in physical chemistry in 1923. When he enrolled at the University of Illinois, he was initiated into Alpha Gamma Fraternity Bachelor of Science in December 1922 . He joined the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.
Arnold Orville Beckman
Beckman decided to go to Caltech obtain a doctoral degree. He stayed there for a year, but he decided to return to New York along with his fiancée, Mabel, who worked as a secretary for an insurance company public. He found a job with Western Electric department, which is the predecessor of Bell Telephone Laboratories.

The Western Electric, Beckman developed a quality control program for the manufacture of vacuum tubes, and learn about the circuit design. This is where Beckman discovered his interest in the field of electronics. Mabel Beckman married on June 10, 1925. The following year, the couple moved back to California and continued his studies at Caltech's Beckman. He became interested in the ultraviolet photolysis and worked with his doctoral adviser, Roscoe G. Dickinson, on the instrument to find the energy from ultraviolet rays. During his stay in Caltech, he worked with Linus Pauling, who have the same doctoral adviser, Roscoe G. Dickinson.

Beckman and his family then build a house in Altadena, in the foothills and adjacent to Pasadena. They lived in Altadena for more than twenty-seven years. Beckman interest in the field of electronics makes it very popular in the chemistry department, because he is very skilled in building measurement instruments. Beckman pH meter discovered in 1935. Originally called acidimeter, which is an important device for measuring the pH of a solution.

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Vermilye Medal (1987)
  • National Medal of Technology (1988)
  • National Medal of Science (1989)
  • Presidential Citizens Medal (1989)
  • Bower Award (1992)
  • Public Welfare Medal (1999)