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Biography of Nirina Zubir

Nirina  Zubir rela name Nirina Raudatul Jannah Zubir, born in Madagascar, March 12, 1980, known as a presenter and film stars.

Related to his private life, Nirina close relationship with Ernest, guitarist Chocolate . Interwoven love between Na and Ernest began to step into a more serious level. On 9 November 2008, Ernest came with his family to apply for Na. On April 5, 2009, the official release Nirina the bachelor married by band Brown, Ernest. Although pregnant, Na still trying to perform its obligations, namely to finish the film GET MARRIED 2.

Na increases happiness she gave birth to her first daughter third, Zivara Ruciragati Sharif on February 6, 2010, at 7:09 am, weighing 3.4 kg and a length of 48 cm at Harapan Kita Hospital, West Jakarta. Na initially wanted to give birth on 10 February, but because there myom in the womb, it was decided accelerated birth by caesarean section.
Nirina Zubir
Owner smile off also been a VJ MTV Indonesia for a few years before then expanded in the acting world. Titled debut film 30 DAYS FIND LOVE, in which he successfully portrayed Gwen. Movie both titled MIRROR (2005), following the next movie PARTS OF LIFE (2006). In the film-psycological thriller, Nirina role as Baby Blue which has traumatized by the death of his twin brother, Baby Pink.

Nirina movie titled HEART, which was released May 11, 2006, managed to suck 1.6 million viewers. In the film itself as well as fill its soundtrack, with songs Today, Tomorrow and Beyond. Through the film production of PT Kharisma Servia Plus is also, ex-girlfriend's pesinetron ardiansyah Ferry was awarded as the Best Female Main actors FFI, ​​2006.

Nirina starred're the only director Hanung Bramantyo in 2007. Later in the same, Nirina continued his dominance with the film GET MARRIED being tersuksesnya movie at the box office that is watched by as many as 2.2 million people, who then turned him into a major player Women Favorite Movie Award 2008 Indonesian version

No wonder in 2007 Nirina become the most expensive film actress in Indonesia with a fee of Rp 250 million per movie. Dear shortly title she won in 2008 because he was absent from the big screen. Predicate is then carried by the actress Acha Septriasa. In 2009, Nirina re-entered the list of the most expensive actress and is ranked fourth, under the artist Luna Maya.

After busy with household affairs and child, in 2011 Nirina back dive in the ocean of Indonesian cinema. Through LOVE PURPLE title and GET MARRIED 3, Nirina prove consistency in the acting world.

* MIRROR (2005)
* PARTS OF SOUL (2005)
* HEART (2006)
* You're the only (2007)
* LOVE IS LOVE (2007)
* GET MARRIED (2007)
* GET MARRIED 2 (2009)
* GET MARRIED 3 (2011)
* PURPLE LOVE (2011)

Soap opera
* Flattered 1-6 (1998)
* DIVA (2008)
* Assalamualaikum LOVE (2008)

* L'Oréal in 2002
* Toyota Yaris (2005-2006)

* Sheila On 7 - Jump Higher
* Sheila On 7 - Stop Wish
* Septriasa & Irwansyah Acha - My Heart
* Letto - Truth, Cry & Lie

* Today, Tomorrow and Beyond (2006)

* Indonesian Idol (Season 4)
* Anugerah Planet Muzik (Music Planet Award)

* Indonesian Movie Awards for Favorite Actress - Mirror (2005)
* Indonesian Movie Awards for Best Actress - Heart (2006)
* FFI Awards for Best Female Main actors - Heart (2006)

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