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Biography of Fredrik Idestam Founder of Nokia

Profile and biography of Fredrik Idestam. Who is not familiar with Nokia, a manufacturer of telecommunications companies in the world. However, since the his telecomunications devices Division was acquired by microsoft, Nokia is already rarely again issued a new mobile product with the name of Nokia products.
Biography of Fredrik Idestam - Founder Nokia  Nokia Products
Nokia's success is inseparable from the intervention of Fredrik Idestam, known as a founder of Nokia. Nokia, based in Finland, the company is the largest telecommunications company in the country. About Fredrik Idestam himself, he was born in Tyrväntö, Finland on October 28, 1838.

The full name of Fredrik Idestam Knut Fredrik Idestam is. Very little information about the history of education of Fredrik Idestam. However it is known that he was a mining engineer. Although the title of master and Engineer Fredrik Idestam, Mining started his business in the field of the production of paper.

Set up a factory Making Paper Business named Nokia
Paper production effort made by Idestam because seeing the market opportunity is huge in Europe when the demand of the industry against the paper is very high. The other thing that underlies Idestam pioneering venture paper mill is a new technology about making-paper which he brought from Germany to Finland, where previously paper-making technology in Finland still use fabric as a raw material but thanks to technology from Heinrich Voelter about making paper using wooden raw materials then Idestam then adopted him and introduced him in Finland. After receiving permission on 12 May 1865, Idestam Paper making factory then official standing with the Nokia name. and the date of its establishment later commemorated as the day of the founding companies Nokia.

The name Nokia originated from a community that exists in the Emakoski River in southern Finland. Nokia's own factory established in addition to the waterfall in Tampere in 1866. Nokia factory deliberately founded near the water we say tejun waterfall is used as a power plant for the factory abundant timber and the immediate vicinity of the factory as raw material for paper.

The high demand for paper making factory founded by Fredrik Idestam grown rapidly. Until later in the year 1871, Fredrik Idestam alongside Leo Mechelin moved his business to the city of Finland and then officially established a company called Nokia Ltd. Company when it became the largest paper companies in Finland and succeeded in mengasai paper industry and paper exports to other European regions.

Then on April 8, 1916, Fredrik Idestam as a founder of Nokia died and left the company Nokia to his successor. Until World War I then when completed, in 1920, Nokia Ltd continues to develop into a leading paper manufacturer in mainland Europe. Then the company's Finnish Rubber Works in Raw Rubber and Finnish Cable Works in Cable and Telegraph are there in Finland join Nokia.

Nokia Became The World's Telecommunications Manufacturers
Biography of Fredrik Idestam - Founder Nokia  Nokia Logo
Until then in the 1950 's, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nokia called Björn Westerlund then predicted that future growth in some sectors pulp and paper will be limited to and instead constructed an electronic cable factory Division Helsinki, from where the embryo begin to lead to sector seluluer. Nokia electronics for 15 years through the efforts of various errors. However, of all the mistakes and experiments that, instead of gradually waking up substantial skills of a group of experts who are talented. The 1970s Nokia and Salora televisions manufacturer joined forces to develop a mobile phone (cell phone).

In early 1981, Nokia managed to launch a product called Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). NMT is the first multinational mobile network in the world. Therefore, throughout the Decade of the 1980s NMT was introduced to a number of countries and tremendous acclaim. Now as much as series Nokia phone 2100 elections caused a success. Sales targets by as much as 500 thousand units successfully achieved in 1994. With labor as much as 54 thousand, Nokia products sold in 130 countries. Now maybe everyone knows the cell phone that is easy to operate is Nokia, because that's the motto of Nokia. Nokia became the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer. In 1998, Nokia's focus on telecommunications and early investment in GSM technologies had made the company a leader in the cell phone world. But Nokia does not succeed forever, at the beginning of 2010, the rigors of competition products the world finally makes mobile phone Nokia continuous decline, Nokia continued to suffer losses in the end exactly on April 25, 2014, Nokia officially acquired by Microsoft who then ended the heyday of Nokia company built by Fredrik Idestam in mobile phone business for 34 years.

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